Friday, January 31, 2003

Solution to Blogger archive problem

(possibly anyway)

If you are having problems with your archive, please consult the following directions below. I can't garuantee anything but there is a good chance this will work, it worked for me:

1)Log onto blogger

2)click onto your blog page

3)Your posting board should have a tool bar above the posting box/page/whatever-you-call-it (address should read a number unique to your blog)and most probably below your address box. It should have icons read "posts", "template", etc. One of those icons is labled "archives". Click the icon that says "archives"

4)In the grey area where the tool bar was there should be three lines of text separated by vertical lines - Click the one labeled "archive template".

5)You should have on your screen a large white box with text; This is your archive template, it separate from your weblog template. Manipulating this will do no harm to your blog (to my knowledge anyway. Just in case your problem is not what I think it is, when you perform this little surgical web procedure, (a) highlight and cut all of the existing code that's in this text box (on the archive template page) (b)paste it elsewhere, and (c)save it (preferably in notepad) at least temporarily. If I'm wrong and you delete it completely I won't know how to help you! Blowtorch Monkey Armada or Palmer Haas cannot be held liable for a meltdown or something else like that!

However if the code that's in there now says something about "java" and "error", dollars to donuts you have the same problem I had a month ago. I have my archive back so hopefully you will too.

6)First highlight, copy and the code below, and then paste it into the same text box on "archive template" - it should do the trick (it worked for me anyway).

Code for Blogger archive:

document.write ("<a href='<$BlogArchiveLink$>' > <$BlogArchiveName$> </a><br>")
if (location.href.indexOf("archive") != -1) {
document.write("< a href=\"./\"> current </a>")

It's all the code you'll need, you don't need to know what order it's in because that's everything (if it doesn't work let me know because it's conceivable I missed something small like a colon or something)

The archive template is different from the blogger template. Also for good measure republish your archives, (that control is accessable somewhere after you click the aforementioned archive icon in the blogger toolbar.) Then do a standard republish on the posting page. Cross fingers and pray.

Good luck, hope it works. And please drop a line here if it does or doesn't. Thanks.


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