Friday, February 14, 2003

Blowtorch Monkey News Blotter

Since I finally have some pressing work to do my blogging will be less prolific that it's been in recent weeks. But here's what I've read lately;

Dolly the sheep is Dead. Cloning is a bad idea. Really.

Here's where it get's a bit Hebrew-centric, forgive me.

Gary Hart's speech about our foreign policy. I've had all these thoughts before, but haven't crafted them this concise and eloquent as the former Colorado Democratic Senator. Unfortunately he's under some suspicision for "Anti Semitism" over a statement so innocuous the charge is flat out idiotic. You can read some of the debate on talkleft here.

From the Nation;
ANSWER could cite Lerner's criticism of ANSWER as a reason for blocking him. But its objection to Lerner also jibes with the group's political agenda. On January 28, Tony Murphy, the media coordinator for ANSWER, appeared on a radio show in New York and said, "I know that the ANSWER coalition would not have a pro-Israel speaker on its platform." (Lerner is pro-Israel in that he supports the existence of the Jewish state.) ANSWER's anti-Israel stance has also been reflected in its relationship with at least one troubling anti-Zionist. At its January march in Washington, ANSWER handed a microphone to Abdul Malim Musa, a Muslim cleric. On October 31, 2001, Musa had appeared at a news conference at the National Press Club with other Muslim activists and members of the New Black Panther Party, where speakers asserted that Israel had launched the 9/11 attacks and that thousands of Jews had been warned that day not to go to work at the World Trade Center. At that press conference, Musa blasted the "Zionists in Hollywood, the Zionists in New York, and the Zionists in D.C." who "all collaborate" to put down blacks and Muslims. ANSWER has room in its antiwar coalition for Musa, but not Lerner.

SF Gate's article on the exclusion of Rabbi Lerner in the ANSWER led protest.


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