Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I came across this article about neglected Afghanistan - The near collapse of peace in this savage land is a narrative erased from the mind of Americans - It's in UK's The Independent. Am I the only one, or does anyone else think that while we're bombing the bejezus out of Iraq that some people (Al Qaeda or anyone else like a Afghan Warlord) might get the idea that this will be the time to start an attack on the very weak and very fragile Hamid Karzai led government in Afghanistan?

Fuckin aye, this is what drives me nuts. I might be more understanding of the President's drive for War (well, not really but) if we had made good on our promises to Afghanistan. And now Osama is calling for the ouster of Saddam, as well as, oh yeah "to carry out suicide attacks against Americans and defend themselves against a U.S. attack". This cannot be good.


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