Monday, February 10, 2003

I find myself not convinced that it's wartime for Saddam, but I still enjoy reading well thought out blogs explaining either side. Here's an example of why Cal Pundit kicks ass. Here's from his post:

We may not be innocent bystanders, but neither does our past mean that we now have to stand aside and simply hang our heads in shame. It's vitally important, I think, given the powderkeg nature of the Arab world and the increasing worldwide availability of horrifying weapons, that we do something to clean up a mess that we ourselves have had a hand in creating.

Why is it that I always feel better when an even keeled liberal looks at our past and assesses it as such versus some war hungry conservative looking for a fight? I still feel like I lean more anti-war than for it, but at some point a threshold will be crossed, and there will have to be actual consequences for Iraq's insubordination for not complying with the agreements post Gulf War I (like a hollywood movie, the success of the first seems to suggest a sequel is inevitable). The fact of the matter is that Saddam hasn't complied with much of anything unless there is a gun at is head. Still, I feel that now is not the time, not yet.


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