Tuesday, February 11, 2003

It seems like most of the standard liberal leaning stuff I've been meaning to discuss has already been covered extensively. I'm always a little behind. Get Donkey (on the impending war) and Norman Conquest of Knife of Simpson (on Patriot Act II) have already covered the big stuff. I hate it when another good blogger beats me to it, but there's no sense in adding to what's already been said by Rob and Norman. From Get Donkey -

I just hope this damn thing is quick and as bloodless as possible. I hope our soldiers have an easy time of it and come home alive. I hope few innocents have to die. I hope the economy doesn’t suffer more than it already has. I hope that armies of new terrorists are not born from a protracted US occupation of the cradle of civilization.

Of course, the profane side of me, the part I don’t want to listen to, harbors a dark thought that a botched war will surely taint this Administration. It’s an awful and sickening thing to contemplate, but it’s there, and the reason why it’s there is because I fear it may be the only way people will wake up. Hardship may be the only thing that will slap the arrogant smirk off the faces of power-hungry hawks. It may be the only thing that makes some realize that “from one’s gut” is not the best way to run the greatest and most powerful nation in the history of the world. It may be the only thing that makes some realize that partiotism means more than a flag-shaped lapel pin. Sadly, it may be the only thing to shake many of us out of our apathy.
- Get Donkey

I totally hear where you're coming from Rob. "It's so easy to become apathetic", says pretty much everything I feel. Damn you Rob for being so on top of things and expressing so well what I had been thinking already. I'm very much split myself. Since this war seems all but inevitable I'm hoping and praying that there are as many disgruntled Iraqis that are as disgusted with Saddam as the WarHawks claim there are. (I'm agnostic, and an agnostic praying is not a good sign of things to come.) All this will mean fewer casualties, to Americans, Allied forces and the people were are supposed to be liberating, the Iraqis. A 'quick and virtually bloodless" success with the war also means Bush gets heaping doses of praise that it does not deserve, and that will increase his chances of reelection. But if that's the price to be paid, meaning we 'liberate' Iraq in a 'quick and virtually bloodless' war, and the price being Bush is reelected, so be it.

I have to disagree though in calling that dark side profane. It's one thing to wish for, and I certainly don't. I do not forsee anyonre learning a lesson, not as long as we're the nation with all the marbles. I think it's just a logical conclusion; anyone who thinks this war will be 'virtually bloodless' is OUT OF THEIR FREAKIN GOURD! And by the way I know for some people that bloodless means almost no blood for American Troops (Iraqis don't count), and I still say YOU'RE OUT OF YOUR FREAKNG GOURD. This is what happens when ChickenHawks are the ones drawing up the war plans.(I'm taking Schwartzkoff's comments way out of context, but he did allude to this statement this past Sunday on Meet The Press) It's hard to say how many suicidal people will defend themselves against an Allied army comprised primarily of US Troops. However for anyone to think there won't be at least a few bitter Iraqis * taking advantage of the urban warzone hell that Bahgdad will become so they can inflict some damage on US Troops is simply not using any common sense.

* bitter because say they lost children/family in the first bombing of Iraq, or whatever will happen during the second.

However I do have something new that I haven't seen anywhere else. Apparently the Democratic government that will be taking over a 'liberated' Iraq after Saddam has been removed has already been Democratically elected! By none other than some of the same bozos in the White House that supported Saddam in the first place, pre-Kuwait invasion. Here's the article I saw it, in an Australian Paper. I don't know if this is a case of the US media ignoring important news or a foreign media outlet using lower standards than the US. I just thought Id' post it;

US chooses Saddam's successor - By Tom Allard, Foreign Affairs Writer - February 4 2003

Future in his hands ... Mohamed al-Jabiri holds the final draft of the blueprint for a post-Saddam justice system.

The United States has chosen a successor to Saddam Hussein from Iraq's notoriously fractious opposition groups, according to a former Iraqi diplomat who lives in Sydney.

Mohamed al-Jabiri, who has just returned from in talks with Washington, said the White House has given its "blessing" to the head of the Iraqi National Congress, Ahmed Chalabi, to lead a transitional coalition government in Iraq once Saddam has been deposed.

As mentioned by Norman ala KOS, the Patriot Act II managed to find it's way into unsuspecting hands. Asscroft tried to keep it under wraps for as long as possible, but someone managed to sneak it out of the Department of inJustice, courtesy of a leak, bless his or her soul, whoever pulled that one off. Here's the Salon article on Patriot II;

More secret arrests, more power to spy - Patriot Act II - Despite official denials, Attorney General John Ashcroft has grand plans for new anti-terror legislation. Critics -- on the left and the right -- are worried.

I heard on Free Speech Radio News that the administration was waiting for Gulf War II to commence before this legislative gem would be dropped on Congress, and probably be passed with as much scrutiny as the first Patriot Act. Free Speech Radio News - a media source that I at times enjoy but due to some of their inconsistencies I still have to take with a grain of salt - reported yesterday that the White House would try to ramrod this gem of legislation thru after Gulf War II the Revenge commenced. By the way, the FSRN broadcast is only on audio and not text. In order to hear the story you have to listen to the program about 9 minutes in to hear that segment.

This actually makes a lot of sense whether or not FSRN is right on the facts/details. Congress sent Patriot Act I thru during the madness of 9.11 and the anthrax scare. Passing Patriot Act II during what is now inevitable Gulf War should meet as little resistance as possible under those same circumstances. Hell it might be in Bush's interest to let a little terrorist act slip thru the Homeland Security's greasy little fingers during that period, ratcheting up the fear in this country another notch. This will all but kill deabte. As the Church Lady used to say "How convienent".

On a lighter note;

I had heard that William Gibson had a blog, but this is the first time I've seen it. A very cool change of pace read for anyonre, especially for a reformed SF geek.

And if Suzie can't cheer you up, just go ahead and kill yourself. Way to go Suzie Felber, sis of Adam Felber (Fanatical Apathy and NPR's regular guest on Whaddya Know). She posts regularly now, so you can get a daily dose of her.


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