Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Public Citizen says the following
"I guess I just have one question about Patriot II and all the other bullshit that seeks to make us prisoners of a police state under the iron fist of King George -- WHERE ARE THE FUCKING CONSERVATIVES ON THIS?!?!!!??? I keep hearing some little faint whispers about dissent from within this group but nothing mainstream and nothing flat out calling for King George to shape up. My other question is WHY DON'T THE DEMS HAVE ANY FUCKING BALLS???!!!! Come on, guys! They're setting you up!"

I got two things to say on that -

Point #1 - Let's face it, in the history of Civil Rights abuses in this country, the violation of conservatives is incredibly small in comparrison to liberals. Even though conservatives love to bring up what the left wing Soviets did when the powers that be go unchecked and governmental authorities are able to do when there is no Bill of Rights or a Constitution, they seem to forget all those things when the shoe is on the other foot. I guess that means it's okay cause we're not commies.

Try to remember when head of the FBI and crossdresser in chief J Edgar Hoover was making files on "UnAmerican activities" they were compiled on liberals like Rev. Martin Luther King Jr and Albert Einstein, not Roy Cohn and Senator McCarthy. When the National Guard shot those students at Kent University in Ohio, they weren't the ones demanding to be allowed to serve their country (everybody knows those people were AWOL in Alabama.)

They probably think they don't have to fear all that much, and I 'd have to say that they are probably right. Last time I heard Bob Barr, that reptile (and former House Rep (R-GA) ) was against the war, but I seriously fucking doubt that the New York Sun is going to call Barr a traitor. Let that be a lesson to all you hippies.

Point #2 - Only Conservatives who are truly that commited to conservative ideals (which seemingly these days means very few) are all that outraged by Patriot Act II. An awful lot of die hard conservatives seemed ready willing and able to put aside their idealogical tendencies and just support the President no matter what he does in fear that another Democrat will hold the White House for any extended period of time. I have to believe that deep down inside, most conservatives believe they dodged a bullet when the Supreme Court gave the Presidency to Bush, considering he lost the popular vote. I tend to think that they have deluded and compromised themselves as much as they have because they believe that anything is better than another Clinton. But that's just my opinion.

On a side note I can't help but think right after the Patriot Act was first passed that NPR did a profile on some people that gathered at some kind of townhall meeting discussing the effects of the Patriot Act. I distinctly remember that there were Pro Choice dvocates in favor of it, because they believed it would allow the Governmenr to monitor the actions of Anti Abortion protesting activity.

Its important to remember that an awful lot of people on both sides, liberal and conservative, are willing to look the other way when the individuals who are having their civil rights violated are the same ones who are opposed to their personal or political beliefs. I digress.....

The Democrats? I dunno what they're trying to do, they seem like they're holding the balls like a bunch of soccer players during a penalty kick. Maybe they're trying to figure out how to tie this all in to Social Security? It's the only issue that they are united on and have no conflict of interest in their home state (as in Detroit Dems & the Auto Industry, the Conn Dems & the Insurance Industry, etc.)

In all seriousness though it was Sen. Biden (D-Delaware) that was demanding to see some of what Asscroft was working on to begin with, so give him some credit. Asscoft said it didn't exist or something along those lines - then it got leaked. And I have faith in at least a couple of Dems, including Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin), he wouldn't put up with this crap either. He was the only one that voted against the first Patriot Act. As a united front however, well the Democrats are a mess for many reasons, too long to count here.


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