Monday, March 31, 2003

I was thinking about this last night, trying to find the right words to communicate how I feel how screwed up the priorities of all the warbloggers are, in their rabid witch hunts for lefties so they can congregate in their hatred and scream bloody murder at how liberalism is the pure manifestation of evil. Then I read this entry today and figured "this guy said pretty much what I was thinking, why write it twice?" The following snippet was taken from the aforementioned post in Fanatical Apathy, Adam Felber's blog;

The problem is that many of the so-called "warblogs" simply won't come to the table. Even the flagships of the genre, like Glenn Reynolds' Instapundit and Andrew Sullivan's site seem to be laboring under the weird delusion that the real war is being fought right here in America. They spend their days constructing bizarre longhaired straw men and knocking 'em down with a level of high-handed rhetorical smugness not seen since the Clinton impeachment hearings.

This would be a great service to our country if their cowardly and irrational foes actually existed, or existed as anything larger than a handful of left-fringe freaks. To the warbloggers, the entire anti-war movement is under the misapprehensions that Saddam isn't such a bad guy, that appeasement was the only answer, and (most bizarrely) that America is not going to win this war. Taking easy potshots at these caricatures is their daily focus, fulminating against these phantom anti-American forces, gloating that they'll get what's a-comin' to 'em.


Perhaps the taxing requirements of daily writing makes fighting cartoon foes the easiest strategy, but the internet's conservatives seem to have alarmingly little interest in the reality of a pro-American left. And only passing interest in the war itself.

Adam is so on the money. And to take it one step further, it seems to me like 98% of the right wing warbloggers are holding public blog lynching with news stories about left wing kooks while far more dangerous (because they have access to the people in charge) right wing kooks raise a brief flag in the press and are then forgotten. And the wing of the media that covers it is usually only the print media, because TV doesn't have time for that shit.

Fox News and every war blog could not get enough of the story about Nicholas De Genova, a Professor at Columbia who made the news by saying some anti American things I totally disagree. Tony Snow just could not let Sunday Morning pass without at least one attempt at demonizing liberals everywhere, notifying all of America about this priceless nugget about De Genova - it gives their viewing audience something to grind their teeth about, so they can gripe "The left is ruining America!!!!" How convienently, since it distracts them from the incredible accusations coming from INSIDE THE ARMY CONDUCTING THE WAR in regards to the phenominal success Rummy is having conducting the war.

(side bar - I saw two interview with Rummy on Sunday Morning - First by Brit Hume and Tony Snow on FOX - I haven't seen that many softballs since summer camp, it was practically a propaganda piece as if Tony and Brit let Rummy write the questions himself! And with George Stephanopolous on ABC - While George didn't necessarily grille him, he did give him a couple of hardballs that clearly ruffled some of Donald's feathers. That isn't that hard to do though, is it?)

This is not to mention the truly dumbfounding story about Richard Perle's resignation under the sleaziest of circumstances, which barely touched the TV airwaves, and when it was mentioned it was practically a love fest - I heard that Lou Dobbs on CNN's Moneyline effectively kissed his ass in an interview (didn't see it myself, sorry). That's not to even touching on the more bizarre stories in the past, like a pal of Perle, Laurent Murawiec and his powerpoint presentation at the Pentagon back in August that came and went faster than you could say "shock and awe".

You tell me who's more dangerous - (A)An Ivy league professor demanding that an attentative audience of college students should forgoe the frozen yogurt machine because the swirl lever that mixes the chocolate and vanilla that has been broken for the past two weeks proves just how racist America really still is, or (B)some guy giving a powerpoint presentations inside the Pentagon to the people who advise the President and control the largest military budget in the history of the world, advocating that we invade an additional two Middle Eastern Muslim countries that, according to our President anyway, are supposed to be our allies? (They're not really, but that's a whole 'nother post).

(Lets see - Left wing kook have followers that are primarily students without full time jobs and Trotskyite socialists who don't bathe enough.... Right wing kooks work for and run corporate America, and have strong enough ties to the White House that they can drop in advocate starting WWIII - you do the math.)

And what's sadder still is that this kind of insight is coming from a member of the entertainment industry. Amazingly when it comes to this trend, Adam isn't alone. Consider this - the only person on TV (that I heard anyway) that mentioned the relationship between Halliburton, the company that Dick Cheney was CEO at before being picked to run with Dubya, and the no bid contracts they got from the government to rebuild Iraq was, of all the news sources in the world, Jon Fucking Stewart on the Daily Show. Sometimes I wonder if the left wing press will be relegated to holding press conferences in Zanies all across America. No wonder the GOP hates the entertainment industry.

For more info about mind numbing stupidity from right wing kooks, try to keep your temper while reading Seymour Hersh's article in the New Yorker about rift between Rummy and Pentagon, or read Rich of Suburban Limbo and his take based on the interview he heard on NPR. Don't let the Generals that have served for umpteenth years and have seen combat plan the war - let some guy that served in peacetime for two years do it! Thanks a lot Rummy! The entire funeral industry will give America that much need boost in business that is sure to take us out of this recession we've been having thanks to you Dubya!

I saw the article first posted on an entry at GetDonkey.

(Here's a link to a Chicago blog I spotted)

Friday, March 28, 2003

Thanks to Ultra Deb's Rant o Rama for the link. You've been linked here and permalinked in the blog list - I called you you a raging-bitchy-foul-mouthed liberal, which is a compliment - I am thanking you thru the blog cuz I can't find your email address! Is it because of all that hatemail you'd be getting if your email was posted?

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Apparently Blowtorch Monkey Armada and it's sister blog The Link Farm have recently been linked by, in a post about an informal survey of blogs and their reaction to the first reported and then disproven news story about the supposed Chemical Weapons Factory. Definitely check it out, (and thanks for the link). It's a neat site and has interesting analysis (well, that one post was cool). One note though, you classified BMA incorrectly - BMA only posted the FOX "News" story after is was proven false. I saw it first on Little Green Footballs on Sunday.

And just for the record BMA would never, ever, not even for a second, even think of using FOX News, or any media source owned by Rubert Murdoch for that matter, for factual information. Not in it's most mind altered state, not even hell froze over, not even if aliens crawled out of my ass, not even...... you get my point. They just merely provide entertainment... actually it provides more horror than anything else, being that I still can't believe that there are that many people watching that god forsaken excuse for a cable network.

Speaking of Network News from the Big Three and a Half, would anyone agree with me that, for someone who has half a brain, ABC is actually the only station worth watching. Spare me the "all corporate media is crap" from the Chomskyite corner. There are shades of grey between all of them that I think are of great significance - just because NPR and ABC don't report the more favored news sources of a Chomskyite, like say FAIR and Counterspin, or Free Speech Radio News or Pacifica News does not mean that all corporate media is exactly the same. Quite frankly I've seen all those aforementioned news sources slip up and expose themselves and their own agenda from time to time. I may generally agree with their perspective and enjoy them sometimes, but in theory media supposed to be "unbiased", which is almost impossible. I listen to all of them, but I take them with a grain of salt.

Yes the Mouse has undoubtedly altered ABC's news division somewhat, and Michael Eisner showed his true colors when he thought about dumping Nightline for Letterman. But taken into context, ABC does some really interesting stuff that NBC, CBS and Faux generally don't even think about or touch. I missed ABC's media self analysis segment recently on how other news organizations are covering the War (my girlfriend caught it) but after she told me about it, it reminded me of all the interesting stuff they did during the Israeli incursion into the occupied territories and their sort of survey on other News sources, here and overseas. They examined the accusations pf bias that both Jews and Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians routinely register.

I mention of all of this because I hear that ABC is coming in fourth in the Nielsen ratings, which concerns me enormously. Eisner might get the wrong idea that their ratings are down because their news, rather than realizing that shows like "Are You Hot" not just incredibly stupid for televsion, but dumb for reality TV, and a third rate knockoff of some of the other reality shows to boot. It might serve me well (as well as anyone who agrees) to drop a line to ABC to make sure they know someone appreciates their journalism before the Mouse tries to tinker with it.

Speaking of which I have to say Jimmy Kimmel Live has been really entertaining - I hardly even watch Conan anymore. It's hit or miss since its live, but when Jimmy is good...... Just watch it.

side note - I feel incredibly guilty enjoying anything, or at least blogging about it. We're bombing a country into oblivion, risking the lives of our own citizens, and in the proces killing innocent civilians that we're trying to liberate, in an attempt to kill a murderous dictator. He deserves to die, but I still can't justify this action. All for the possibility that there is a threat that something might happen. It just doesn't feel right.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

I just heard Bush on NPR giving a speech about the war and financing the war. Please tell me if anything seems a little bit off with his statements. I'm paraphrasing but he basically said that he's asking for just under $75 billion for the war (because it's somehow going to cost less than last time...) and that now is not the time for "business as usual" in Washington. He explained that what he meant by that was now is not the time for Congress to be pushing inappropriate, non-war related spending because it would be irresponsible to do so at a time of war.

In related news, last week Bush and Congressional Republicans voted for enormous tax cuts and to repeal the Estate Tax a year early.

But I guess that enormous tax cuts for the wealthy aren't considered irresponsible spending.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Since Monday, 03.17.03, right after hearing Dubya's speech on NPR, I've had this perpetual feeling of nausea in my gut, which is without a doubt psychosomatic. I think that's when it finally hit me that this war was going to happen. It has increased or decreased in intensity depending on what I know or what I think about at any given moment. It doesn't help that at work things have significantly slowed down. I am begining to wonder if the recession we are in or heading for is finally going to touch down at the company I work for. I have trouble concentrating on getting the homework I have due tomorrow for the one grad class I am taking just because I can't help but want to take a look at what the hell is going on in the news, which only furthers the feeling. Good news quells it, bad news makes it worse. I guess I still have this fantasy that there will be a coup within Saddam's rank and this will all be over very soon. I did have a brief moment of peace while doing my radio show, playing music and reading on air from Greg Palast's book "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: An Investigative Reporter Exposes the Truth about Globalization, Corporate Cons, and High Finance Fraudsters". It never goes away for long though.

I think the sickness reached it's peak yesterday when I read the article about how Iraqi Television and Al Jazera showed our dead American troops and captured POWs. There was a link, but I couldn't bear thought of watching it. Even more bothersome to me though was that, while reading on some other sites, watching the video makes the warblogger/ugly Americans all the more certain we're doing the right thing. It guess it didn't occur to them that maybe it this isn't worth all this death and destruction. I certainly don't have the stomach for it. I was prepared for this in Afghanistan, but not this. I was scared of the thought of being drafted but I told myself if this is what has to be done I am prepared to risk my life for it. And through it all, sadly enough, there are an awful lot of those people who have seem to to have already forget their justifications for this war in the first place altogether.

Liberation and Democracy for the Iraqi people? Not if you listen to these guys;I posted a couple of things, and I decided to reprint what I wrote with one of the responses;

#162 - palmerhaas:

Since when did any of you yahoos actually care about international law?

#166 - palmerhaas:

leveling Baghdad and killing everyone would totally negate that whole"liberation" justification for the war.....

What's the difference - you guys wanted a war no matter what the reason, and you've got it. How is sending our troops to die like this supporting our troops? Did the thought cross anyones mind that at least some of the people against this war were against it because they didn't want this to happen?

#170 Red Herring (response to my post):

"#166, that's the problem. What's needed is not Operation Iraqi Freedom but Operation Baghdad Parking Lot.

WMD? Haven't seen them yet, although the warbloggers couldn't get enough of their favorite news source when this story floated on the web yesterday, which apparently has now been proven false. More high quality, accurate reporting from Fox News. Proving BMA right that once again facts no longer matter, thank you Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes.

Somehow I wound up at Little Green Footballs, a very well known, well populated and very conservative site, if you mean conservative as in bloodthirsty and war mongering. After reading some of the posts I truly fear what the future holds for this country. While I like Michael Moore, I am not so delusional to believing what he said in his recent post to President Bush about the average American not wanting a war. I decided a long time ago to never speak for anyone but yourself, and even be careful when you do speak for yourself. It seems pretty obvious to me that there are an awful lot of people that are feeding on the destruction and violence and hate, making themselves even more enraged creating an orgiastic web feast of anger and and blood.

I realize Red Herring isn't everyone, and that the people that frequent the site have a tendency to be a little more angry and vocal than the majority of the pro war crowd, but god almighty is this what so many have devolved into?

Last weekend, before the bombs started dropping, genuises like Kristol of the Weekly Standard, and a slew of the neoconservatives who have their think switch permanently turned off, were all calling on the Sunday talk shows for the US to pull out of the UN. Now a bunch of these very same dumbasses are crying foul with the violation of international law by the Iraqis and Al Jazera. Last week not one of these morons gave a fuck about interntational law, and now they want the whole world to hand down judgement via the Geneva Convention as the standard to which we should judge the bastards that have perpetrated this horrible mess.

I have to admit the more I think about what is going on, the more I get really angry about this. Almost every neoconservative I heard was saying that, prior to the start of this war, it was going to be quick and decisive. Even Richard Perle was saying it was going to be a cakewalk. Throngs of Iraqis would cheer us, as American Soldiers in Jeeps drove throught the streets of Baghdad. The Iraqi people would thank us, for the wicked witch is dead, the USA has freed us of Saddam.

The day the war starts the White House issues a statement saying this war is going to be longer than many realize. I'm so glad the White House waited to tell everybody this AFTER the bombing started. With all the ties this administration has to the conservative press, not one of those morons in the White House bothered to correct throngs of their faithfull and war hungry neocons while they were "dittoing" themselves in their insulated echo chamber. Ya think the 74% of people in this country that support this war would have thought twice if they had heard Dubya & Co say this BEFORE the bombs started dropping?

Admittedly, there have been some gratifying moments, like the US soldier ripping down the picture of Saddam, and an Iraqi wacking it with a shoe for the camera. And yes, I am aware that there are some thankful souls out there who believe that Saddam is more of a threat than the US. From the Salon article (linked here, you need premium to read it.);

And then there is the liberation of the Iraqi town of Safwan, memorably described by New York Times reporter Dexter Filkins. "As hundreds of coalition troops swept in here just after dawn, the heartache of a town that has felt the hardest edges of Saddam Hussein's rule seemed to burst forth, with villagers running into the streets to celebrate in a kind of grim ecstasy, laughing and weeping in long guttural cries," Filkins wrote. "'Oooooo peace be upon you peace be upon you peace you oooooo,' cried Zahra Khafi, a 68-year-old mother of five, to a group of American and British visitors who came to the town shortly after Mr. Hussein's army had appeared to melt away. 'I'm not afraid of Saddam anymore.'

Unfortunately what so many have failed to take into consideration is it only takes a couple of angry Iraqis with AK's that are angry at the US to bring a small bloodbath, and there are far more than just a few who seem willing to risk their lives in fear that what we bring is actually worse than Saddam, or just want American blood. And somehow, someway our soldier need to differentiate between the thankful Iraqis that want Saddam out and the people willing to risk theri lives and others as well to fight the occupying forces.

Even more depressing is that, despite what you've been hearing and what I didn't think was going to happen but hoped for anyway, it seems pretty goddamn obvious that we are not getting the red carpet treatment when we arrive on the front door of Baghdad. Watching farmers with AK-47's gleefuly fire their guns into the Tigris River at the prospect of shooting holes into the dead body of a suspected downed Allied Forces pilot should make people think twice. It only gets more depressing when I read Salax Pax's blog. Here's a guy who risks his own life to post to his site and has a graphic about Democracy for Iraq, and yet I don't get the impression from his writing the Iraqis who hate Saddam will make a scene that will resemble something straight outta "Girls Gone Wild" when the Allied forces show up to liberate Baghdad;

People (and I bet “allied forces”) were expecting things to be mush easier. There are no waving masses of people welcoming the Americans nor are they surrendering by the thousands. People are going what all of us are, sitting in their homes hoping that a bomb doesn’t fall on them and keeping their doors shut.

I'm afraid that the American Press and the neocons looked too much toward the Iraqi exiles living here and abroad talking about their desire to return to their homeland, and not enough at the people who would be on the receiving of the "Rock, Shock and Awe Baghdad" Tour 2003. Its east to be swept up in the "just war" campaign when hearing horror stories of Iraqis living across the globe wishing for Saddam's demise and deciding that war is the only way to remove him. It's foolish to be swayed by the very same people when they're not the ones sitting in between the cruise missles were firing and SaddamCo.. Sadly hindsight is really 20/20.

I still am in a bit of shock that this war is actually happening. This war is just such a profoundly bad idea, not to mention incredibly expensive. They forced Larry Lindsey out for saying what is about to become the truth. Don't get me wrong, there isn't anyone that I know in the anti-war camp who wont be happy to hear that Saddam, his sons and the brutal Ba'ath party has been killed. I just hope there are enough Iraqi civilians to enjoy that moment when this is over, and that they don't want our blood after they are free when they are burying their sons and daughters, Mothers and Fathers, friends and neighbors.

Crap, it's already too late, I need to leave. I've been meaning to get a computer and internet access at home already. The work situation though keeps me from making any indulgent or unneccesary purchases. It's going to have to wait. Here's what I've beem reading on the net and elsewhere;

Robert Wright wrote a phenominal article in slate called "The Sum of All Fears -
What you should and shouldn't worry about as we go to war."
Unfortunately though, some of what is in the article is already shaping up to be not as true as he had hoped. He conceded in the article he could be wrong on certain things, but still... Just read it and take it with a grain of salt.

The aforementioned Fox "News" story - Coalition forces discovered Monday a "huge" suspected chemical weapons factory near the Iraqi city of Najaf, some 90 miles south of Baghdad, a senior Pentagon official confirmed to Fox News.

Thanks to these people for a link - you will be repaid kindly, soon, I promise.

Friday, March 21, 2003

Well, to all those who are curious, and for those who claim to care about the Kurds so much in their justification of this war I'm sorry to say it's pretty much a done deal. Bush's first betrayal of liberating Iraq has been commited; We're selling out the Kurds, for some stinking air space to advance a northern front in this atrocity.

I always hated this war, but I thought, for a second "Could something positive actually come out of this atrocity?" Mainly the Kurds getting self governance or the Iraqi people getting a fair shake with human rights.

Of course I was wrong. Our Liar in Chief has sold out some of the people we are supposedly liberating, from one Murderous Dictator, Saddam, to the brutal "Democracatic" nation of Turkey.

It just keeps getting worse. I am really embarresed by my government. Hey Right Winger, War Bloggers and Christopher Hitchens - How many lies and betrayals does this administration have to commit till you can admit that just maybe this war wasn't about liberation?

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Truth be told I don't know what's wrong with BMA. When I publish it reads error 203, which means my computer is having trouble reading at least one character. I was furious when I posted the comment of trying to encourage Texas to suceed from the US, but now I'm too depressed to blog about it. Here's what I've been reading lately;

CNN reporter Kevin Sites' blog from the road - in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's pretty fascinating to a read first hand account of what is happening while in search of a story.

Another first hand account from an Iraqi living in Baghdad. Utterly fascinating. What I cant figure out is how is he posting in a totalitarian dictatorship state? The government isn't able to monitor him?

Rich sums up much of how I feel in his most recent post, although I have more to add to it. Maybe later. Work is finally cracking down on internet use which is why my posts are less frequent than a month ago or so.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

On the eve of what I fear is inevitable I have been racking my brain for a solution. Not so much for what will most undoubtedly happen tomorrow, for the death and destruction that our President is hell bent on bringing seems pretty much inevitable. It is more of a long term solution for what the future holds. I have come up with one and only one idea, and as wacky as it is I feel I have to share it;

I think the state of Texas needs to be coaxed into trying to suceed from the US.

It's still an idea in progress and I'll give more detail later. It really is a nutty idea, but it just might actually work considering all the crazy things Texas has given life to. The Texas Tourism Department's slogan is still "Texas, it's like a whole other coutry"? Sometimes I think the crazy yahoos in that state practically wish they didn't have to put up the other 49 states. Maybe they should get their wish. They've been threating everyone in the country and the whole world with that silly slogan "Dont Mess with Texas." If Bush had his way he'd probably stick that phrase right in the Constitution. It seems to be his life credo and mantra.

My deepest apologies to the following: GetDonkey, Ted Barlow, Jim Hightower, ZZ Top, The Butthole Surfers, the entire city of Austin (I've never been there, but I hear it's great), The SXSW Music Fest and anyone else I might have offended with this idea. I'm just desperate and out of any other ideas on how to solve all the problems that have seem to arrisen in the past 26 months, not to mention 22 years. I am begining to think it may be the only way to avoid armaggedon.

I can't seem to load my own blog onto my computer at work but apparently someone is reading it. Thanks for the link Cowboy, as soon as I fix my little problem I'll give you a well deserved link.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

We've been enduring the Bush II Era for just over two years now. I'd just be repeating myself and a thousand other bloggers if I rehashed all the things that have pissed me off in that time span. But there is something more that troubles me, and I have seen scant info about from other sources. Has anyone noticed how quickly and easily this President gets rid of disagreement and dissent within his own party and rank?

After Bush was appointed by the Supreme Court to be President, the common response from the right to Bush's "intellectual short comings" and inexperience was that he would have the best staff around him to guide him. What fucking good is a top notch staff if you keep kicking out those so called experts that you appointed the first time they disagree with you.

The only time I've seen the legislative body put up a fight is in regards to the HMO battle very early on in Bush's presidency. Everything else has been a rubber stamp.

Larry Lindsey the former Finance Adm. in the Bush Administration said the war would be more costly, something like 60-80 Billion, which was way more than the Bushies wanted it to be. His days were numbered after that.

Treasury Secretary O'Neil was considered to be "off message" (in other words telling the truth) and not towing the party line hard enough - Gone - he even recently criticized the tax cuts Bush recently proposed to solve our ever growing economic problems.

There is word that the White House is still pissed at Mr Greenspan's criticism that additional tax cuts are a bad idea. This after he agreed the first time and everyone in the White House said "Well, if Alan says it's good idea, then it must be right for the economy!" He disagrees with the President once and they're alreayd looking to ax him. There is talk that he will not be renewed for the position of Fed Chairman, just because he disagrees with the White House.

Understand I'm not making a judgement on Greenspan and ONeil ideas or polices, and I really don't know that much about Economic Policy in general. I just can't stand the fact that when Greenspan agreed with the White House on the first round of tax cuts, they praised him and said he was the authority about this stuff. Then the first time he gets out of line, the Bush Administration wants him wacked. Someone in the administration says something I can agree with finally, like O'Neil about the tax cuts being a bad idea, and he's gone already.

The Bush administration is even said the be fumming about the Pope's opposition to the war. The Fucking Pope! How arrogant and self righteous do you have to be in order to fume about one of your most supported international allies! The Pope has supported Bush in many instances, like his anti abortion stance among others, but the Pope disagrees with The White House on the war and instantly he's on Bush's shitlist. The Pope isn't necessarily an expert, but for God's sakes doesn't that tell you something, like you need therapy for your egocentricism or arrogance, when you find one of your biggest allies opposes you on one issue, and your throwing a hissy fit? The Fucking Pope for Chistsakes!!!!!! Not only is the President an idiot, he's stubborn sonofabitch.

However of all the things that has raised my eyebrows, this has to be the most worrisome and even disturbing - I heard this commentary on NPR (but you can click here to read the written transcripition instead of enduring the NPR audio report). Retired Col. Mike Turner gave an editorial on Morning Edition 03.11.03. Did anyone know that the Joint Cheifs of Staff at first UNANIMOUSLY vetoed the proposal in regards the current campaign against Iraq - Bush ignored them and instead did what he wanted. The people that are making the most aggressive decisions on War have never saw any wartime service let alone served a day in their life, like Bush, Cheney, Rove, and Rumsfeld (he did serve, but in peacetime in the Navy) while the people who actually saw bullets (Powell, Joint Chiefs of Staff) are being ignored or held back or kept in the background. I have a very bad feeling about this war after reading this from the editorial;

Now we've firmly committed ourselves to war with Iraq, and our political objective? To get Saddam. The uniformed Joint Staff in the Pentagon strongly opposed this plan early on. It requires an attack with a force half that of Desert Storm against an entrenched urban enemy renowned for its ruthlessness in defending its own survival. The uniformed Joint Staff was overridden, yet in so many horrifying ways this operation resembles Somalia, not Desert Storm, only with nerve gas and biological weapons. And without Turkey as a base to launch a northern assault, a dual-pronged attack will be all but impossible.

Aristotle first believed that the Earth was the center of the universe and then retro fit all the planet's orbits around that one very wrong belief because of his egocentricism, even though his model of the universe looked totally fucked up. Seems pretty silly now when you look back at it. This President works the same way - he stakes his position first and then tries to retro fit it using the facts that support his case and ignoring the facts that contradict them. I really hope we are not totally fucked. I have a terrible feeling that we are going to brings home a lot of body bags from Iraq........ I truly hope I'm wrong.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Blowtorch Monkey Armada gets its very first hate mail!

(I always noticed this little trend and wanted to blog about it, but never got the chance. Now is the perfect time);

You'd think with all the other controversial stuff I've blogged about (like the articles by Greg Palast I frequently link, our President's shady business dealing with the Saudis, or PC's rants about legalizing drugs or keeping abortion legal), that it would be one of these things would anger someone to fire off an angry unsolicited email..... Of course I was wrong. Remember the first rule to increase web traffic on your blog, kids. Trashing Celebrities = Lots of Hits on your blog. Take notes new bloggers.

It was my blog entry bashing Darryl Worley's hopelessly short on fact pro war song "Do You Remember" that did it. I can't help now but remember so quickly of all those previous successes by other bloggers that get noticed for trashing someone famous themselves. Tony via Sand in the Gears saw it when he trashed Viggo Mortensen, and all the repsonding posts he got for it (Tony took it down for some reason - Why Tony, why?). Okay granted the Viggo debate thing went off on a strange tangent, but still. You don't even have to trash them to get those extra hits, you just have to mention their name and the bits just fly (adding the word naked in there somewhere helps). Makes me think of when Rich of Suburban Limbo, when he mentioned Lara Logan and the word NAKED in his blog.

I guess it's only fitting - there are just as many shows on TV dedicated to the lives of celebrities as there focusing on the less important things in the world like poverty and violence and International politics, world turmoil and strife, etc. I'm sure the news agencies spent roughly the same amount of money (and probably more attention) when they covered the OJ Simpson case as they did the important events of the day prior to 9.11. Hell, Bill O'Reilly got his start on Inside Edition, that cream puff news show that made a living on exploiting the love hate relationship America has with it's celebrities, by updating the Hollywood Babylon format for TV. Now he's got the top rated show for talking head conservatives on Fox News, ranting on "important matters" like politics. Anyway, here's the email, reprinted with the permission of the writer - enjoy it!

To Whom It May Concern,

Concerning this wonderful song Have You Forgotten all I know is all if it was you who wrote this piece of trash article you should be ashamed of yourself. We are at war and all anti-war anti-President Bush people are more concerned about are songs that you seem to think is either provoking war or is inappropriate.I guess anti war people would have thought it was ok if Darryl Worley would have wrote a crap music song in the Eminem and Ludicrous style.Also speaking of 9-11 evidently you aren't aware that Clinton had 4 offerings of UBL by Sudan and refused to take him and if you don't believe me please contact Mansoor Ijaz the man who negociated some of the dealings.However you have your Constitutional right to trash Mr. Worley and our president just as I have my rights to trash Clinton and you people if its you who wrote this dumb outrageous article that is full of nothing but pure anti-war and anti-President Bush liberal garbag.Oh and just to remind you that our president had all of this stuff dumped onto his lap and not a single Democrat will give him credit. But oh they know how to blame him for everything from the bad weather to constipation not even giving him one single bit of credit for all of the great things he's done.I'm not saying you have to like the president but at least give him some credit for the good that he's done for America.I mean for crying out loud let's face it as much as my family and I disliked Clinton we did give him a little credit even though he left a huge mess for Bush to clean up and anti Bush people can deny it all you want to but the rest of USA knows the truth.Look we are at war and all America is asking of you is to do what you did when Clinton was in office and that is think of the troops and why we have to do this even if you don't like it.

A Huge Darryl Worely Fan

And while we're at it, go say hello to The Hangdogs- I got some positive email via Matt of the 'Dogs in regards the entry as well.

Monday, March 10, 2003

I've been ridiculously busy as of late. I don't think I have the time management skills to do balance a full time job, 2 grad classes, and a social life. As much as I've wanted to blog recently, I haven't been able to. There is no shortage of thoughts I've wanted to share, just not enough time to do it adequately.

While I'm trying to find the time to blog properly, go read former House Rep of Arizona Sam Coppersmith's most recent entry. It kicks ass, as always, at least once a week, usually on Monday. Hope to be blogging again real soon.

One other thing - this news story is a hoot. I'm against the War but let's hope that more of this happens when it starts. From the Chicago Sun Times (take it for what it's worth);

12 Iraqis throw in towel prematurely

March 10, 2003

They surrendered without a fight.

A dozen Iraqi soldiers made their way through the trenches separating them from British troops and marched in with their hands up.

"They had heard firing and thought it was the start of the war," a British army source told England's Sunday Mirror newspaper.

The soldiers, paratroopers from the 16th Air Assault Brigade, were testing mortars and artillery last week in Kuwait, near the Iraq border, when they witnessed the premature surrender.

The paratroopers explained to the Iraqis they were not firing at them, and told them it was too early to lay down their arms. The Iraqis were ordered back home.

"The British guys on the front line could not believe what was happening," the source said.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

I hardly know what to say about this article in Salon today regarding the U.S. spying on UN members. Whether you are in support of this seemingly inevitable war or not, it seems we can all agree that the PR portion has been horribly bungled the entire way. If it were really all that pressing, wouldn't the case for war be more obvious? Wouldn't the facts argue themselves? Instead we see an ever changing justification for war as each successive one fails to rally the world, attempted bribery of Turkey in order to lauch a northern attack into Iraq that ended in Turkey giving us the finger (by the way, Asshole Ari was laughed at by the Press Corps after claiming that the US doesn't try to buy support from other funny), and now we're spying on UN allies because they don't support the war. I usually like to ridicule this administration for it's horrible foreign policy (especially since they seem to think that there are no domestic problems) but I honestly find this too depressing to approach humorously.

I heard a clip on NPR this morning of Bush when he was campaigning for prez in October of 2000. He said something like, If the United States is arrogant in her treatment of other countries, she will be resented abroad. If we are humble, but strong, we will be welcomed. Sure sounds good doesn't it? Perhaps a counter should be erected next to the once-again-increasing budget deficit one in NYC that counts Bush's ever-increasing lies, deceipts, and broken promises.

Monday, March 03, 2003

More Proof that Facts No Longer Matter

I recently heard this song on Steve Dahl's show in Chicago (for those who don't know he's a legendary DJ whose most notable achievement in The Disco Demolition back in the 1979 at old Comisky Field)

Just go here first and read the chorus to this crappy excuse for a song "Have You Forgotten". Apparently country singer Darryl Worley wrote this Pro-War song in reaction to all those darn protesters he's seen in the past few months. Some thoughts;

Up until the recent capturing of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, our President, Ari Fleisher and this entire administration had carefully avoided the O word for fear someone might ask "What ever happened to ...?" and "Might the war in Iraq be a distraction from capturing ....?". If I didn't know any better I would say Bush forgot - or maybe just AVOIDING THE ISSUE? Cause they still haven't caught the bastard maybe? I've linked this one before but Greg Palast recently retold his investigative report on what Bush and Clinton knew about Bin Laden prior to 9/11. Nobody like Mr Worley would even believe the facts where in plain sight and videotaped Rodney King style.

And it seems pretty clear to me that only someone who is blind deaf and dumb could miscontrue the recorded message Osama gave to Al Jazera just a few weeks ago as proof that Saddam and bin Laden are in cahoots. There is still no evidense that links Al Qaeda to Iraq, even if that murderous thug Saddam appreciates his handy work. Unfortunately I think so many people want it to be true - they dont care about facts or logic or common sense. They want a war and by golly they're gonna get one damnit!

Another thing - Why is it that people like country artists Mr. Worley, Tobey Keith, and the legions of yahoos that love their music around the country, the people that live no where near NYC or DC and have little if any connection to what transpired on 9/11, why are they the ones with the biggest hard on for a war in Iraq? Why are these morons trying to lecture the people that actually lived thru that hellish day in NYC and Washington, why are the ubran citizens that saw this terror first hand more thoughful about it and are taking the time to protest our President's actions? Why are NYC residents the ones demanding that Bush know their disapproval of the "Bush Doctrine"?

It's gotta be pretty easy if you live in the back woods of Texas or Tennessee, where you take pride in your redneck backwater background to watch what has happened and be so eager to want to kick some ass for your country when you don't have to live with any of the consequences. After 9/11 a friend of mine wondered that if only secretly some of those people like Toby Keith and those who cheer when they hear his songs, felt just a little bit of cheer to see NYC get knocked off it's rocker. How many of these folks never left their tiny little communities and made plenty of jokes about all the "fags" and "immigants wit dem funny foreign accents cabdrivers" that make up NYC (it's totally different when Letterman does it by the way). I wonder how many of thosse same people still to this day make fun of all the craziness/liberalism/multiculturalism that NYC represents. I wonder how many of these people would never set foot in NYC, if they weren't forced to promote an album or something else.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

An article in the Orlando weekly about the raly I missed while I was in Florida. I spotted the article first linked via Suburban Limbo.

Here's a more pro rally article I came across. This quote from the article takes the cake;

"They don't understand the Middle East, and they don't understand the rest of the world," Wood said. "They don't understand that we have to do this in the name of freedom."

When you read something like this it makes me wonder. Do these people listen at all to anyone? If I thought someone would pay attention to what could be said about this war, to present some obvious and well documented facts about the history of this whole disaster in the making I'd say it's worth engaging in some kind of intellectual debate about the war. Unfortunately the thought that passes thru my head is "What's the use, no one is going to listen anyway". And I don't mean poor little old Palmer over here, I mean the people that showed up to that rally would just shout themselves hoarse talking about freedom and liberation and imminent threat and yada yada yada.

Do these people even care about the facts at all in any way? We live in a very strange age. I can't help but notice the Boutique-ification of our media. Don't like what one media outlet is saying? Just go to another one, they will give you exactly what you want to hear. There's three news cable stations and all three of them suck. We live in an age where facts are negotiable or even negligble. Half of the news shows out there don't deal with the facts, it's talking heads spouting their opinions. That's not news.

I can't help but think of Living Color and the lyrics to Cult of Personality. This President has brought nothing but disaster since he took office and yet people love him. For what? I have no idea......

Look into my eyes, what do you see?
Cult of Personality
I know your anger, I know your dreams
I've been everything you want to be
I'm the Cult of Personality
Like Mussolini and Kennedy
I'm the Cult of Personality
Cult of Personality
Cult of Personality

Neon lights, A Nobel Prize
The mirror speaks, the reflection lies
You don't have to follow me
Only you can set me free
I sell the things you need to be
I'm the smiling face on your T.V.
I'm the Cult of Personality
I exploit you still you love me

I tell you one and one makes three
I'm the Cult of Personality
Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi
I'm the Cult of Personality
Cult of Personality
Cult of Personality

Neon lights a Nobel Prize
A leader speaks, that leader dies
You don't have to follow me
Only you can set you free

You gave me fortune
You gave me fame
You me power in your God's name
I'm every person you need to be
I'm the Cult of Personality

Saturday, March 01, 2003

Truth be told I could care less about the Augusta National Brouhaha. The idea of an all men's ( and up until just a few years ago all white) golf club excluding women is pathetic, but not exactly surprising. What do you expect from the old white guys in the South raised on segregation and Jim Crow? Hell, wasn't it less than ten years ago they first initiated an honorary black man as a member at Augusta National? And I'll have to admit that the idea of trying to embarrass major corporations from sponsoring this supposedly honorable sporting event is a good idea.

On the other hand the idea that of all the important issues to women, that someone in NOW is wasting so much time on golf is a pathetic joke. Consider all the ways that women are facing persecution, like the way women are treated in the Middle East, the wage gap in the workplace in this country, access to child care and health care. The fact that Martha Burke of NOW feels that THE most important issue to women right now, the issue most worthy of the resources that NOW has, is the right that rich and powerful (and most probably white) women should have access to the same golf club as rich powerful and (almost exclusively white) men is so very sad. Don't even toss me the argument that this is where business deals are done and women need to be ale to join so they can have access to these connections to make major deals of that kind. There are mothers taking care of children because their husbands or boyfriends abandoned them and pay no child support, there are impoverished women being removed from the welfare roles and forced to work and yet they don't make enough money to put their childern into childcare, the ongoing assault to repeal women's right to have an abortion. The business women of the world trying to make multi million dollar deals should be the lowest of your priorities. And that's completely excluding the fact that golf is such a disaster for the environment, with the waste of water and all the poisons used to keep the grass green on courses everywhere.

However when you see something like this Hootie, you really ought to see the writing on the wall. Either that or pull the hood and white robe out of your golf club bag and finally admit to the public what they know already.

KKK to demonstrate for Augusta National Golf Club