Thursday, March 27, 2003

Apparently Blowtorch Monkey Armada and it's sister blog The Link Farm have recently been linked by, in a post about an informal survey of blogs and their reaction to the first reported and then disproven news story about the supposed Chemical Weapons Factory. Definitely check it out, (and thanks for the link). It's a neat site and has interesting analysis (well, that one post was cool). One note though, you classified BMA incorrectly - BMA only posted the FOX "News" story after is was proven false. I saw it first on Little Green Footballs on Sunday.

And just for the record BMA would never, ever, not even for a second, even think of using FOX News, or any media source owned by Rubert Murdoch for that matter, for factual information. Not in it's most mind altered state, not even hell froze over, not even if aliens crawled out of my ass, not even...... you get my point. They just merely provide entertainment... actually it provides more horror than anything else, being that I still can't believe that there are that many people watching that god forsaken excuse for a cable network.

Speaking of Network News from the Big Three and a Half, would anyone agree with me that, for someone who has half a brain, ABC is actually the only station worth watching. Spare me the "all corporate media is crap" from the Chomskyite corner. There are shades of grey between all of them that I think are of great significance - just because NPR and ABC don't report the more favored news sources of a Chomskyite, like say FAIR and Counterspin, or Free Speech Radio News or Pacifica News does not mean that all corporate media is exactly the same. Quite frankly I've seen all those aforementioned news sources slip up and expose themselves and their own agenda from time to time. I may generally agree with their perspective and enjoy them sometimes, but in theory media supposed to be "unbiased", which is almost impossible. I listen to all of them, but I take them with a grain of salt.

Yes the Mouse has undoubtedly altered ABC's news division somewhat, and Michael Eisner showed his true colors when he thought about dumping Nightline for Letterman. But taken into context, ABC does some really interesting stuff that NBC, CBS and Faux generally don't even think about or touch. I missed ABC's media self analysis segment recently on how other news organizations are covering the War (my girlfriend caught it) but after she told me about it, it reminded me of all the interesting stuff they did during the Israeli incursion into the occupied territories and their sort of survey on other News sources, here and overseas. They examined the accusations pf bias that both Jews and Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians routinely register.

I mention of all of this because I hear that ABC is coming in fourth in the Nielsen ratings, which concerns me enormously. Eisner might get the wrong idea that their ratings are down because their news, rather than realizing that shows like "Are You Hot" not just incredibly stupid for televsion, but dumb for reality TV, and a third rate knockoff of some of the other reality shows to boot. It might serve me well (as well as anyone who agrees) to drop a line to ABC to make sure they know someone appreciates their journalism before the Mouse tries to tinker with it.

Speaking of which I have to say Jimmy Kimmel Live has been really entertaining - I hardly even watch Conan anymore. It's hit or miss since its live, but when Jimmy is good...... Just watch it.

side note - I feel incredibly guilty enjoying anything, or at least blogging about it. We're bombing a country into oblivion, risking the lives of our own citizens, and in the proces killing innocent civilians that we're trying to liberate, in an attempt to kill a murderous dictator. He deserves to die, but I still can't justify this action. All for the possibility that there is a threat that something might happen. It just doesn't feel right.


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