Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Blowtorch Monkey Armada gets its very first hate mail!

(I always noticed this little trend and wanted to blog about it, but never got the chance. Now is the perfect time);

You'd think with all the other controversial stuff I've blogged about (like the articles by Greg Palast I frequently link, our President's shady business dealing with the Saudis, or PC's rants about legalizing drugs or keeping abortion legal), that it would be one of these things would anger someone to fire off an angry unsolicited email..... Of course I was wrong. Remember the first rule to increase web traffic on your blog, kids. Trashing Celebrities = Lots of Hits on your blog. Take notes new bloggers.

It was my blog entry bashing Darryl Worley's hopelessly short on fact pro war song "Do You Remember" that did it. I can't help now but remember so quickly of all those previous successes by other bloggers that get noticed for trashing someone famous themselves. Tony via Sand in the Gears saw it when he trashed Viggo Mortensen, and all the repsonding posts he got for it (Tony took it down for some reason - Why Tony, why?). Okay granted the Viggo debate thing went off on a strange tangent, but still. You don't even have to trash them to get those extra hits, you just have to mention their name and the bits just fly (adding the word naked in there somewhere helps). Makes me think of when Rich of Suburban Limbo, when he mentioned Lara Logan and the word NAKED in his blog.

I guess it's only fitting - there are just as many shows on TV dedicated to the lives of celebrities as there focusing on the less important things in the world like poverty and violence and International politics, world turmoil and strife, etc. I'm sure the news agencies spent roughly the same amount of money (and probably more attention) when they covered the OJ Simpson case as they did the important events of the day prior to 9.11. Hell, Bill O'Reilly got his start on Inside Edition, that cream puff news show that made a living on exploiting the love hate relationship America has with it's celebrities, by updating the Hollywood Babylon format for TV. Now he's got the top rated show for talking head conservatives on Fox News, ranting on "important matters" like politics. Anyway, here's the email, reprinted with the permission of the writer - enjoy it!

To Whom It May Concern,

Concerning this wonderful song Have You Forgotten all I know is all if it was you who wrote this piece of trash article you should be ashamed of yourself. We are at war and all anti-war anti-President Bush people are more concerned about are songs that you seem to think is either provoking war or is inappropriate.I guess anti war people would have thought it was ok if Darryl Worley would have wrote a crap music song in the Eminem and Ludicrous style.Also speaking of 9-11 evidently you aren't aware that Clinton had 4 offerings of UBL by Sudan and refused to take him and if you don't believe me please contact Mansoor Ijaz the man who negociated some of the dealings.However you have your Constitutional right to trash Mr. Worley and our president just as I have my rights to trash Clinton and you people if its you who wrote this dumb outrageous article that is full of nothing but pure anti-war and anti-President Bush liberal garbag.Oh and just to remind you that our president had all of this stuff dumped onto his lap and not a single Democrat will give him credit. But oh they know how to blame him for everything from the bad weather to constipation not even giving him one single bit of credit for all of the great things he's done.I'm not saying you have to like the president but at least give him some credit for the good that he's done for America.I mean for crying out loud let's face it as much as my family and I disliked Clinton we did give him a little credit even though he left a huge mess for Bush to clean up and anti Bush people can deny it all you want to but the rest of USA knows the truth.Look we are at war and all America is asking of you is to do what you did when Clinton was in office and that is think of the troops and why we have to do this even if you don't like it.

A Huge Darryl Worely Fan

And while we're at it, go say hello to The Hangdogs- I got some positive email via Matt of the 'Dogs in regards the entry as well.


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