Tuesday, March 04, 2003

I hardly know what to say about this article in Salon today regarding the U.S. spying on UN members. Whether you are in support of this seemingly inevitable war or not, it seems we can all agree that the PR portion has been horribly bungled the entire way. If it were really all that pressing, wouldn't the case for war be more obvious? Wouldn't the facts argue themselves? Instead we see an ever changing justification for war as each successive one fails to rally the world, attempted bribery of Turkey in order to lauch a northern attack into Iraq that ended in Turkey giving us the finger (by the way, Asshole Ari was laughed at by the Press Corps after claiming that the US doesn't try to buy support from other countries....so funny), and now we're spying on UN allies because they don't support the war. I usually like to ridicule this administration for it's horrible foreign policy (especially since they seem to think that there are no domestic problems) but I honestly find this too depressing to approach humorously.

I heard a clip on NPR this morning of Bush when he was campaigning for prez in October of 2000. He said something like, If the United States is arrogant in her treatment of other countries, she will be resented abroad. If we are humble, but strong, we will be welcomed. Sure sounds good doesn't it? Perhaps a counter should be erected next to the once-again-increasing budget deficit one in NYC that counts Bush's ever-increasing lies, deceipts, and broken promises.


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