Monday, March 31, 2003

I was thinking about this last night, trying to find the right words to communicate how I feel how screwed up the priorities of all the warbloggers are, in their rabid witch hunts for lefties so they can congregate in their hatred and scream bloody murder at how liberalism is the pure manifestation of evil. Then I read this entry today and figured "this guy said pretty much what I was thinking, why write it twice?" The following snippet was taken from the aforementioned post in Fanatical Apathy, Adam Felber's blog;

The problem is that many of the so-called "warblogs" simply won't come to the table. Even the flagships of the genre, like Glenn Reynolds' Instapundit and Andrew Sullivan's site seem to be laboring under the weird delusion that the real war is being fought right here in America. They spend their days constructing bizarre longhaired straw men and knocking 'em down with a level of high-handed rhetorical smugness not seen since the Clinton impeachment hearings.

This would be a great service to our country if their cowardly and irrational foes actually existed, or existed as anything larger than a handful of left-fringe freaks. To the warbloggers, the entire anti-war movement is under the misapprehensions that Saddam isn't such a bad guy, that appeasement was the only answer, and (most bizarrely) that America is not going to win this war. Taking easy potshots at these caricatures is their daily focus, fulminating against these phantom anti-American forces, gloating that they'll get what's a-comin' to 'em.


Perhaps the taxing requirements of daily writing makes fighting cartoon foes the easiest strategy, but the internet's conservatives seem to have alarmingly little interest in the reality of a pro-American left. And only passing interest in the war itself.

Adam is so on the money. And to take it one step further, it seems to me like 98% of the right wing warbloggers are holding public blog lynching with news stories about left wing kooks while far more dangerous (because they have access to the people in charge) right wing kooks raise a brief flag in the press and are then forgotten. And the wing of the media that covers it is usually only the print media, because TV doesn't have time for that shit.

Fox News and every war blog could not get enough of the story about Nicholas De Genova, a Professor at Columbia who made the news by saying some anti American things I totally disagree. Tony Snow just could not let Sunday Morning pass without at least one attempt at demonizing liberals everywhere, notifying all of America about this priceless nugget about De Genova - it gives their viewing audience something to grind their teeth about, so they can gripe "The left is ruining America!!!!" How convienently, since it distracts them from the incredible accusations coming from INSIDE THE ARMY CONDUCTING THE WAR in regards to the phenominal success Rummy is having conducting the war.

(side bar - I saw two interview with Rummy on Sunday Morning - First by Brit Hume and Tony Snow on FOX - I haven't seen that many softballs since summer camp, it was practically a propaganda piece as if Tony and Brit let Rummy write the questions himself! And with George Stephanopolous on ABC - While George didn't necessarily grille him, he did give him a couple of hardballs that clearly ruffled some of Donald's feathers. That isn't that hard to do though, is it?)

This is not to mention the truly dumbfounding story about Richard Perle's resignation under the sleaziest of circumstances, which barely touched the TV airwaves, and when it was mentioned it was practically a love fest - I heard that Lou Dobbs on CNN's Moneyline effectively kissed his ass in an interview (didn't see it myself, sorry). That's not to even touching on the more bizarre stories in the past, like a pal of Perle, Laurent Murawiec and his powerpoint presentation at the Pentagon back in August that came and went faster than you could say "shock and awe".

You tell me who's more dangerous - (A)An Ivy league professor demanding that an attentative audience of college students should forgoe the frozen yogurt machine because the swirl lever that mixes the chocolate and vanilla that has been broken for the past two weeks proves just how racist America really still is, or (B)some guy giving a powerpoint presentations inside the Pentagon to the people who advise the President and control the largest military budget in the history of the world, advocating that we invade an additional two Middle Eastern Muslim countries that, according to our President anyway, are supposed to be our allies? (They're not really, but that's a whole 'nother post).

(Lets see - Left wing kook have followers that are primarily students without full time jobs and Trotskyite socialists who don't bathe enough.... Right wing kooks work for and run corporate America, and have strong enough ties to the White House that they can drop in advocate starting WWIII - you do the math.)

And what's sadder still is that this kind of insight is coming from a member of the entertainment industry. Amazingly when it comes to this trend, Adam isn't alone. Consider this - the only person on TV (that I heard anyway) that mentioned the relationship between Halliburton, the company that Dick Cheney was CEO at before being picked to run with Dubya, and the no bid contracts they got from the government to rebuild Iraq was, of all the news sources in the world, Jon Fucking Stewart on the Daily Show. Sometimes I wonder if the left wing press will be relegated to holding press conferences in Zanies all across America. No wonder the GOP hates the entertainment industry.

For more info about mind numbing stupidity from right wing kooks, try to keep your temper while reading Seymour Hersh's article in the New Yorker about rift between Rummy and Pentagon, or read Rich of Suburban Limbo and his take based on the interview he heard on NPR. Don't let the Generals that have served for umpteenth years and have seen combat plan the war - let some guy that served in peacetime for two years do it! Thanks a lot Rummy! The entire funeral industry will give America that much need boost in business that is sure to take us out of this recession we've been having thanks to you Dubya!

I saw the article first posted on an entry at GetDonkey.

(Here's a link to a Chicago blog I spotted)


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