Monday, March 10, 2003

I've been ridiculously busy as of late. I don't think I have the time management skills to do balance a full time job, 2 grad classes, and a social life. As much as I've wanted to blog recently, I haven't been able to. There is no shortage of thoughts I've wanted to share, just not enough time to do it adequately.

While I'm trying to find the time to blog properly, go read former House Rep of Arizona Sam Coppersmith's most recent entry. It kicks ass, as always, at least once a week, usually on Monday. Hope to be blogging again real soon.

One other thing - this news story is a hoot. I'm against the War but let's hope that more of this happens when it starts. From the Chicago Sun Times (take it for what it's worth);

12 Iraqis throw in towel prematurely

March 10, 2003

They surrendered without a fight.

A dozen Iraqi soldiers made their way through the trenches separating them from British troops and marched in with their hands up.

"They had heard firing and thought it was the start of the war," a British army source told England's Sunday Mirror newspaper.

The soldiers, paratroopers from the 16th Air Assault Brigade, were testing mortars and artillery last week in Kuwait, near the Iraq border, when they witnessed the premature surrender.

The paratroopers explained to the Iraqis they were not firing at them, and told them it was too early to lay down their arms. The Iraqis were ordered back home.

"The British guys on the front line could not believe what was happening," the source said.


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