Monday, March 03, 2003

More Proof that Facts No Longer Matter

I recently heard this song on Steve Dahl's show in Chicago (for those who don't know he's a legendary DJ whose most notable achievement in The Disco Demolition back in the 1979 at old Comisky Field)

Just go here first and read the chorus to this crappy excuse for a song "Have You Forgotten". Apparently country singer Darryl Worley wrote this Pro-War song in reaction to all those darn protesters he's seen in the past few months. Some thoughts;

Up until the recent capturing of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, our President, Ari Fleisher and this entire administration had carefully avoided the O word for fear someone might ask "What ever happened to ...?" and "Might the war in Iraq be a distraction from capturing ....?". If I didn't know any better I would say Bush forgot - or maybe just AVOIDING THE ISSUE? Cause they still haven't caught the bastard maybe? I've linked this one before but Greg Palast recently retold his investigative report on what Bush and Clinton knew about Bin Laden prior to 9/11. Nobody like Mr Worley would even believe the facts where in plain sight and videotaped Rodney King style.

And it seems pretty clear to me that only someone who is blind deaf and dumb could miscontrue the recorded message Osama gave to Al Jazera just a few weeks ago as proof that Saddam and bin Laden are in cahoots. There is still no evidense that links Al Qaeda to Iraq, even if that murderous thug Saddam appreciates his handy work. Unfortunately I think so many people want it to be true - they dont care about facts or logic or common sense. They want a war and by golly they're gonna get one damnit!

Another thing - Why is it that people like country artists Mr. Worley, Tobey Keith, and the legions of yahoos that love their music around the country, the people that live no where near NYC or DC and have little if any connection to what transpired on 9/11, why are they the ones with the biggest hard on for a war in Iraq? Why are these morons trying to lecture the people that actually lived thru that hellish day in NYC and Washington, why are the ubran citizens that saw this terror first hand more thoughful about it and are taking the time to protest our President's actions? Why are NYC residents the ones demanding that Bush know their disapproval of the "Bush Doctrine"?

It's gotta be pretty easy if you live in the back woods of Texas or Tennessee, where you take pride in your redneck backwater background to watch what has happened and be so eager to want to kick some ass for your country when you don't have to live with any of the consequences. After 9/11 a friend of mine wondered that if only secretly some of those people like Toby Keith and those who cheer when they hear his songs, felt just a little bit of cheer to see NYC get knocked off it's rocker. How many of these folks never left their tiny little communities and made plenty of jokes about all the "fags" and "immigants wit dem funny foreign accents cabdrivers" that make up NYC (it's totally different when Letterman does it by the way). I wonder how many of thosse same people still to this day make fun of all the craziness/liberalism/multiculturalism that NYC represents. I wonder how many of these people would never set foot in NYC, if they weren't forced to promote an album or something else.


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