Tuesday, March 18, 2003

On the eve of what I fear is inevitable I have been racking my brain for a solution. Not so much for what will most undoubtedly happen tomorrow, for the death and destruction that our President is hell bent on bringing seems pretty much inevitable. It is more of a long term solution for what the future holds. I have come up with one and only one idea, and as wacky as it is I feel I have to share it;

I think the state of Texas needs to be coaxed into trying to suceed from the US.

It's still an idea in progress and I'll give more detail later. It really is a nutty idea, but it just might actually work considering all the crazy things Texas has given life to. The Texas Tourism Department's slogan is still "Texas, it's like a whole other coutry"? Sometimes I think the crazy yahoos in that state practically wish they didn't have to put up the other 49 states. Maybe they should get their wish. They've been threating everyone in the country and the whole world with that silly slogan "Dont Mess with Texas." If Bush had his way he'd probably stick that phrase right in the Constitution. It seems to be his life credo and mantra.

My deepest apologies to the following: GetDonkey, Ted Barlow, Jim Hightower, ZZ Top, The Butthole Surfers, the entire city of Austin (I've never been there, but I hear it's great), The SXSW Music Fest and anyone else I might have offended with this idea. I'm just desperate and out of any other ideas on how to solve all the problems that have seem to arrisen in the past 26 months, not to mention 22 years. I am begining to think it may be the only way to avoid armaggedon.


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