Monday, March 24, 2003

Since Monday, 03.17.03, right after hearing Dubya's speech on NPR, I've had this perpetual feeling of nausea in my gut, which is without a doubt psychosomatic. I think that's when it finally hit me that this war was going to happen. It has increased or decreased in intensity depending on what I know or what I think about at any given moment. It doesn't help that at work things have significantly slowed down. I am begining to wonder if the recession we are in or heading for is finally going to touch down at the company I work for. I have trouble concentrating on getting the homework I have due tomorrow for the one grad class I am taking just because I can't help but want to take a look at what the hell is going on in the news, which only furthers the feeling. Good news quells it, bad news makes it worse. I guess I still have this fantasy that there will be a coup within Saddam's rank and this will all be over very soon. I did have a brief moment of peace while doing my radio show, playing music and reading on air from Greg Palast's book "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: An Investigative Reporter Exposes the Truth about Globalization, Corporate Cons, and High Finance Fraudsters". It never goes away for long though.

I think the sickness reached it's peak yesterday when I read the article about how Iraqi Television and Al Jazera showed our dead American troops and captured POWs. There was a link, but I couldn't bear thought of watching it. Even more bothersome to me though was that, while reading on some other sites, watching the video makes the warblogger/ugly Americans all the more certain we're doing the right thing. It guess it didn't occur to them that maybe it this isn't worth all this death and destruction. I certainly don't have the stomach for it. I was prepared for this in Afghanistan, but not this. I was scared of the thought of being drafted but I told myself if this is what has to be done I am prepared to risk my life for it. And through it all, sadly enough, there are an awful lot of those people who have seem to to have already forget their justifications for this war in the first place altogether.

Liberation and Democracy for the Iraqi people? Not if you listen to these guys;I posted a couple of things, and I decided to reprint what I wrote with one of the responses;

#162 - palmerhaas:

Since when did any of you yahoos actually care about international law?

#166 - palmerhaas:

leveling Baghdad and killing everyone would totally negate that whole"liberation" justification for the war.....

What's the difference - you guys wanted a war no matter what the reason, and you've got it. How is sending our troops to die like this supporting our troops? Did the thought cross anyones mind that at least some of the people against this war were against it because they didn't want this to happen?

#170 Red Herring (response to my post):

"#166, that's the problem. What's needed is not Operation Iraqi Freedom but Operation Baghdad Parking Lot.

WMD? Haven't seen them yet, although the warbloggers couldn't get enough of their favorite news source when this story floated on the web yesterday, which apparently has now been proven false. More high quality, accurate reporting from Fox News. Proving BMA right that once again facts no longer matter, thank you Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes.

Somehow I wound up at Little Green Footballs, a very well known, well populated and very conservative site, if you mean conservative as in bloodthirsty and war mongering. After reading some of the posts I truly fear what the future holds for this country. While I like Michael Moore, I am not so delusional to believing what he said in his recent post to President Bush about the average American not wanting a war. I decided a long time ago to never speak for anyone but yourself, and even be careful when you do speak for yourself. It seems pretty obvious to me that there are an awful lot of people that are feeding on the destruction and violence and hate, making themselves even more enraged creating an orgiastic web feast of anger and and blood.

I realize Red Herring isn't everyone, and that the people that frequent the site have a tendency to be a little more angry and vocal than the majority of the pro war crowd, but god almighty is this what so many have devolved into?

Last weekend, before the bombs started dropping, genuises like Kristol of the Weekly Standard, and a slew of the neoconservatives who have their think switch permanently turned off, were all calling on the Sunday talk shows for the US to pull out of the UN. Now a bunch of these very same dumbasses are crying foul with the violation of international law by the Iraqis and Al Jazera. Last week not one of these morons gave a fuck about interntational law, and now they want the whole world to hand down judgement via the Geneva Convention as the standard to which we should judge the bastards that have perpetrated this horrible mess.

I have to admit the more I think about what is going on, the more I get really angry about this. Almost every neoconservative I heard was saying that, prior to the start of this war, it was going to be quick and decisive. Even Richard Perle was saying it was going to be a cakewalk. Throngs of Iraqis would cheer us, as American Soldiers in Jeeps drove throught the streets of Baghdad. The Iraqi people would thank us, for the wicked witch is dead, the USA has freed us of Saddam.

The day the war starts the White House issues a statement saying this war is going to be longer than many realize. I'm so glad the White House waited to tell everybody this AFTER the bombing started. With all the ties this administration has to the conservative press, not one of those morons in the White House bothered to correct throngs of their faithfull and war hungry neocons while they were "dittoing" themselves in their insulated echo chamber. Ya think the 74% of people in this country that support this war would have thought twice if they had heard Dubya & Co say this BEFORE the bombs started dropping?

Admittedly, there have been some gratifying moments, like the US soldier ripping down the picture of Saddam, and an Iraqi wacking it with a shoe for the camera. And yes, I am aware that there are some thankful souls out there who believe that Saddam is more of a threat than the US. From the Salon article (linked here, you need premium to read it.);

And then there is the liberation of the Iraqi town of Safwan, memorably described by New York Times reporter Dexter Filkins. "As hundreds of coalition troops swept in here just after dawn, the heartache of a town that has felt the hardest edges of Saddam Hussein's rule seemed to burst forth, with villagers running into the streets to celebrate in a kind of grim ecstasy, laughing and weeping in long guttural cries," Filkins wrote. "'Oooooo peace be upon you peace be upon you peace you oooooo,' cried Zahra Khafi, a 68-year-old mother of five, to a group of American and British visitors who came to the town shortly after Mr. Hussein's army had appeared to melt away. 'I'm not afraid of Saddam anymore.'

Unfortunately what so many have failed to take into consideration is it only takes a couple of angry Iraqis with AK's that are angry at the US to bring a small bloodbath, and there are far more than just a few who seem willing to risk their lives in fear that what we bring is actually worse than Saddam, or just want American blood. And somehow, someway our soldier need to differentiate between the thankful Iraqis that want Saddam out and the people willing to risk theri lives and others as well to fight the occupying forces.

Even more depressing is that, despite what you've been hearing and what I didn't think was going to happen but hoped for anyway, it seems pretty goddamn obvious that we are not getting the red carpet treatment when we arrive on the front door of Baghdad. Watching farmers with AK-47's gleefuly fire their guns into the Tigris River at the prospect of shooting holes into the dead body of a suspected downed Allied Forces pilot should make people think twice. It only gets more depressing when I read Salax Pax's blog. Here's a guy who risks his own life to post to his site and has a graphic about Democracy for Iraq, and yet I don't get the impression from his writing the Iraqis who hate Saddam will make a scene that will resemble something straight outta "Girls Gone Wild" when the Allied forces show up to liberate Baghdad;

People (and I bet “allied forces”) were expecting things to be mush easier. There are no waving masses of people welcoming the Americans nor are they surrendering by the thousands. People are going what all of us are, sitting in their homes hoping that a bomb doesn’t fall on them and keeping their doors shut.

I'm afraid that the American Press and the neocons looked too much toward the Iraqi exiles living here and abroad talking about their desire to return to their homeland, and not enough at the people who would be on the receiving of the "Rock, Shock and Awe Baghdad" Tour 2003. Its east to be swept up in the "just war" campaign when hearing horror stories of Iraqis living across the globe wishing for Saddam's demise and deciding that war is the only way to remove him. It's foolish to be swayed by the very same people when they're not the ones sitting in between the cruise missles were firing and SaddamCo.. Sadly hindsight is really 20/20.

I still am in a bit of shock that this war is actually happening. This war is just such a profoundly bad idea, not to mention incredibly expensive. They forced Larry Lindsey out for saying what is about to become the truth. Don't get me wrong, there isn't anyone that I know in the anti-war camp who wont be happy to hear that Saddam, his sons and the brutal Ba'ath party has been killed. I just hope there are enough Iraqi civilians to enjoy that moment when this is over, and that they don't want our blood after they are free when they are burying their sons and daughters, Mothers and Fathers, friends and neighbors.

Crap, it's already too late, I need to leave. I've been meaning to get a computer and internet access at home already. The work situation though keeps me from making any indulgent or unneccesary purchases. It's going to have to wait. Here's what I've beem reading on the net and elsewhere;

Robert Wright wrote a phenominal article in slate called "The Sum of All Fears -
What you should and shouldn't worry about as we go to war."
Unfortunately though, some of what is in the article is already shaping up to be not as true as he had hoped. He conceded in the article he could be wrong on certain things, but still... Just read it and take it with a grain of salt.

The aforementioned Fox "News" story - Coalition forces discovered Monday a "huge" suspected chemical weapons factory near the Iraqi city of Najaf, some 90 miles south of Baghdad, a senior Pentagon official confirmed to Fox News.

Thanks to these people for a link - you will be repaid kindly, soon, I promise.


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