Saturday, March 01, 2003

Truth be told I could care less about the Augusta National Brouhaha. The idea of an all men's ( and up until just a few years ago all white) golf club excluding women is pathetic, but not exactly surprising. What do you expect from the old white guys in the South raised on segregation and Jim Crow? Hell, wasn't it less than ten years ago they first initiated an honorary black man as a member at Augusta National? And I'll have to admit that the idea of trying to embarrass major corporations from sponsoring this supposedly honorable sporting event is a good idea.

On the other hand the idea that of all the important issues to women, that someone in NOW is wasting so much time on golf is a pathetic joke. Consider all the ways that women are facing persecution, like the way women are treated in the Middle East, the wage gap in the workplace in this country, access to child care and health care. The fact that Martha Burke of NOW feels that THE most important issue to women right now, the issue most worthy of the resources that NOW has, is the right that rich and powerful (and most probably white) women should have access to the same golf club as rich powerful and (almost exclusively white) men is so very sad. Don't even toss me the argument that this is where business deals are done and women need to be ale to join so they can have access to these connections to make major deals of that kind. There are mothers taking care of children because their husbands or boyfriends abandoned them and pay no child support, there are impoverished women being removed from the welfare roles and forced to work and yet they don't make enough money to put their childern into childcare, the ongoing assault to repeal women's right to have an abortion. The business women of the world trying to make multi million dollar deals should be the lowest of your priorities. And that's completely excluding the fact that golf is such a disaster for the environment, with the waste of water and all the poisons used to keep the grass green on courses everywhere.

However when you see something like this Hootie, you really ought to see the writing on the wall. Either that or pull the hood and white robe out of your golf club bag and finally admit to the public what they know already.

KKK to demonstrate for Augusta National Golf Club


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