Thursday, March 20, 2003

Truth be told I don't know what's wrong with BMA. When I publish it reads error 203, which means my computer is having trouble reading at least one character. I was furious when I posted the comment of trying to encourage Texas to suceed from the US, but now I'm too depressed to blog about it. Here's what I've been reading lately;

CNN reporter Kevin Sites' blog from the road - in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's pretty fascinating to a read first hand account of what is happening while in search of a story.

Another first hand account from an Iraqi living in Baghdad. Utterly fascinating. What I cant figure out is how is he posting in a totalitarian dictatorship state? The government isn't able to monitor him?

Rich sums up much of how I feel in his most recent post, although I have more to add to it. Maybe later. Work is finally cracking down on internet use which is why my posts are less frequent than a month ago or so.


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