Friday, March 21, 2003

Well, to all those who are curious, and for those who claim to care about the Kurds so much in their justification of this war I'm sorry to say it's pretty much a done deal. Bush's first betrayal of liberating Iraq has been commited; We're selling out the Kurds, for some stinking air space to advance a northern front in this atrocity.

I always hated this war, but I thought, for a second "Could something positive actually come out of this atrocity?" Mainly the Kurds getting self governance or the Iraqi people getting a fair shake with human rights.

Of course I was wrong. Our Liar in Chief has sold out some of the people we are supposedly liberating, from one Murderous Dictator, Saddam, to the brutal "Democracatic" nation of Turkey.

It just keeps getting worse. I am really embarresed by my government. Hey Right Winger, War Bloggers and Christopher Hitchens - How many lies and betrayals does this administration have to commit till you can admit that just maybe this war wasn't about liberation?


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