Monday, April 28, 2003

I've been so busy lately that I literally slept only 2 hours over the course of 66 hours, so blogging has fallen off the priority list. The sleep deprivation was a situation created by too much stuff to do on my schedule, and compounded by my piss poor time management skills - working a full time job and trying to take grad classes part time will do that. I hope to resume blogging on a regular basis some time in the near future though. To keep it brief though -

Saw X-Men 2 yesterday with friends and living-in-sin girlfriend - really enjoyable, great action and FX, although watching Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman) tear up at the end was just silly. And just to make sure there is no confusion I was refering to tear up as in the shedding of a salty water based substance from your eyes, that thing that people with emotions do when they get sad or depressed, not as in tearing shit up. It's not gonna win an oscar or anything, and the dialog is alright, but the story line was pretty interesting and there were some damn funny lines.

With that said I didn't agree with everything the Chicago Reader had to say, but this line summed up some of the flaws I had with the movie -

The screenplay, by a five-man committee that included director Bryan Singer, gives more time to the mutant community's various powers. The demonstrations of the latter are well rendered and often quite funny, but they push this into the realm of the Saturday-matinee serial: whenever peril looms, some misfit kid's freak abilities are just the ticket to dispel it.

Yeah, that says it best; it sort of feels like an episode of a television soap apera, but I don't regret spending the money or seeing it in a crowded theatre on opening night in the least. Don't wait for the video, go see it in a theatre.


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