Monday, April 21, 2003

Well I'm not really surprised by this news story about how Bush administration has ceased fighting China's human rights abuse record, but it does serve as a reminder as well as provides even more proof that nobody in this administration gives a fuck about human rights, geneva convention violations, and all those grab bag justifications the White House threw out in press conferences when trying to bring the country into the war camp prior to the campaign in Iraq. This is especially true when your nation is making half the flags that so many are buying in support of our troops. The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

What was it, 21 months ago, that the whole GOP was going thru a collective schizoid embelism? It just couldn't decide which core base impulse it would go with - the GOP's love of a good war, or at least showing some military force, nationalism by showing whose boss OR the GOP's love of money, "free" markets and corporations by kowtowing to the Chinese government because of all the manufacturing jobs American companies have moved there.

If you listened really closely you could almost hear the schizophrenic collect minds of the entire GOP go back and forth inside it's collective head - "Should we Bomb the Chinks* or Protect my investment!". The big decision was whether to sell the military AEGIS technology to Taiwan, or to sell the Taiwianese down the river so there would be no interruption in the flow of cheap shit that Wal Mart sells. In the end money almost always wins out, as it did in this case. It's only a matter of time before all those other human rights concerns the White House claims to have are all eventually sold out for the lure of "free trade" (a.k.a. cheap labor). If Castro dropped dead tomorrow, and his successor had identical (or even harsher) repressive human rights policies, 50 bucks says that all that anti Communist bullshit coming from the Castro haters in Congress would melt faster than an ice cube in hell. American Agribusiness would be selling their produce to Cuba in a heartbeat. Well, if the registered Republican Cubans in Florida don't throw a hissy fit anyway....

I guess China is pretty much ancient history now though. There were a lot of reasons to oppose the war, but the most persuasive for me anyway, was that nobody in the White House can be trusted to make good on promises of rebuilding and democracy and human rights. That justification has been forgotten in the thrill of victory the Administration is enjoying. The press barely puts up a fight for fear of having their press passes revoked.

In many ways 9.11 was the perfect distraction for the White House in regards to the fiasco in July 2001 with China. It showed one of the slowly emerging but deeply rooted splits that are coming to the surface. When Democrats have a split it usually isn't this deep. The Dems are made up of a slew of little groups all looking ourt for their own interest - Environmental Activists, Pro Choice / Women's Rights groups, Minorities, Gays & Lesbians, Unions, Public Employees, Lawyers, Consumer Advocates, conflicted with elected officials trying to appease the business owners back home in their district/state. Clinton couldn't pass any legislation to increase fuel efficiency because of all the Democrats in Michigan that would never allow it. When there's a problem there is a lot of hand wringing witht the Dems, and they try to hold onto as many of those groups as possible when seeking a solution. Sometimes it works - sometimes it's a "too many chefs spoil the broth" scenario.

Not so with the GOP - the Republicans are pretty much two core groups - The Religious Right / Nationalists (there goals generally speaking are the same even if they aren't exactly the same thing) and Pro Business / Pro Corporate / Anti anything Legislation that makes it harder to make money by the prefered MO, which is "by any means necessary". It's rare that these cracks emerge but they do from time to time. I fear that the Dems won't be taking control until one of these cracks show up again. Since LBJ left the White House, their success on a national stage typically comes when the GOP botch things badly. Nixon's resignation over Watergate, or Bush Sr. economic downturn right after his incredibly high approval ratings. Of course it might be meaningless if and when the Dems have some more success, mainly because of how greatly they have compromised their own supposed historic values. It's sad - even if the Dems do take over the difference won't be all that much. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.......

*please don't be offended by the racial slur, it's meant merely to illustrate the mindset of some of the older prevailing attitudes within the GOP, who are typically anti-immigrant anti foreigner racist views held by some. I have more than a few Asian friends and wouldn't want to hurt anybody.

Of course since my readership in the past few weeks has taken a nose dive, so no one is gonna see it anyway, right? Anybody?


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