Thursday, May 22, 2003

This was posted here by chas_m at The Chasbah recently.

I am shamelessly lifting yet another graphic found via The Chasbah. This one is too good and also higly relevant to my recent thoughts (see below) I only wish I knew where Chas found all those good .gifs so for once I could beat him to it, instead of resorting to using his blog content for inspiration for my own.

About a year ago my friend Key forwarded this very theory, that the cutting of education by the GOP is all actually orchestrated. It's not just another stupid exercise in free market idealism or a lashing out against federal spending. It is done for this very reason - the GOP cuts education spending so often because it makes the people who have passed thru the American educational system easier to persuade and court as voters. Don't question authority (unless they're a dumb liberal) Liberal idealogy is more nuanced and generally more cumbersome than "taxes are bad" or "big government is bad". After he said it my reply was "That's awfully cynical - I'm not that cynical yet".

About two months ago I officially became "that cynical". I also think it's interesting that the GOP is all for tax credits for religious education. If kids these days actually do get a decent education, it'll be with a healthy dose of religious indoctrination, making it even more likely that the very same kids that are able to take advantage of the tax credit will be more likely to vote Republican. In the words of the Church Lady I can only say one thing - "How Convenient!"


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