Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Sorry it's been a while - I started a post and it got too long and I didn't finish it so I'm taking it off and will post it another time.

It doesn't take much to make me pissed - a lot of people in this country are turning into cold hearted bastards. Either that or cold hearted bastards are over represented in Washington DC. Here's what I posted most recently on this site in regards to this post. It's real good.....

From this blog:

"People in the bracket under discussion -- roughly $10,000 to $25,000 a year wage earners -- pay plenty of taxes. But they pay it in payroll taxes, which typically swipe about 8 percent of income. The Republican tax-cut architects have always done a deceptive shuffle with the language here: Payroll taxes count as taxes when these legislators want to tally up the onerousness of the tax burden on American citizens. But the same taxes magically disappear when they want to keep low-income people off the gravy train that they are loading up for their high-income constituents and campaign contributors."

From this article online at the New Republic -

"Bush signed the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002"...."boosted agricultural subsidies by an astonishing 80 percent."

"To understand why, consider just one provision of the legislation: the subsidy on cotton, which the 2002 law more than doubled, from 35 to 72 cents per pound. The United States is a highly inefficient cotton producer; in fact, America's production costs are roughly three times those in the West African nation of Burkina Faso. Yet Burkina Faso is losing market share because the United States subsidizes its cotton industry by roughly $2 billion per year."

"According to Oxfam, the United States actually spends more subsidizing the production of cotton than it earns selling it—making the industry a net loss to the U.S. economy. Those subsidies go to America's 25,000 cotton farmers, who boast an average net worth of $800,000."

Let's see - we're increasing fed. spending on all things that protect all things material (as in property, financial institutions, etc.) in the form of increased spending for things like the military, etc. We've jacked up subsidies for millionaires, better knows as welfare for the rich. We're not cutting spending on programs that secure our financial systems, those things that ensure the value of the dollar, the bank accounts that hold the finances of this country, etc. All these things benefit the rich disproportionately - because they are able to take advantage of them far more so than the poor and they have far more to lose were our current government and financial systems to collapse.

-Just a reminder - for all your bitching and moaning, so many conservatives do benefit in regards to our tax dollars being wasted. You always fail to account for the systems and institutions your tax dollars support that make the green slips in your wallet worth more than the paper it's printed on.

And yet we're cutting all kinds of social programs, and god knows what for "economic stimulus", which is to say we're giving tax dollars back to those with large amounts of money to begin with in hope that when the people who are suffering the very least during these hard economic times have that cash they will take that tax relief and hopefully spend it or invest it therefore somehow someway make it’s way to help those who are suffering the most during these trying times. I suppose it's to make the economy better by creating thousands of minimum wage jobs for those who are unemployed.

Pull your head out of your ass - You have no idea what you're talking about, and the analogy you just used has absolutely no relevance whatsoever. The rich were already getting a pretty good deal as is, and this just makes it that much better.

When Warren Buffet starts saying that he pays less perecentage wise in taxes than his secretary something is seriously fucked up. Yes consertative America - Keep babbling your stupid goddamn "free markets" hypocrisy and "liberals are declaring class warfare bullshit." Last time I heard Karl Rove and George Bush were looking to re-establish the dominance the GOP had over American politics starting in 1894 and maintained for 30 plus years. With those facts, would anyone like to roughly calculate the time that the GOP reign ended, and what little incident that may have contributed to ending that reign of glory maybe? Anybody?

Alright, I'll tell you (just in case you can't do the math or don't know any history);

1894 + 35 years of GOP dominance equals 1929.

And in case you don't know jack about history, 1929 was the year of the market crash and the begining of the Great Depression. Can't wait Karl!!!!! Another GD!!! It's gonna be fantabulous!

Is it Doom and Gloom liberal forecasting and predictions on the part of this bleeding heart lefty blogger? Maybe so - but right now it ain't looking good.


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