Wednesday, June 04, 2003

This is not so current news, but it's still kinda stunning just how low some people in Washington DC are willing to go. I haven't seen too many bloggers linking the little tidbit either. It's just so childish that it's almost hard to believe. Almost......

The Arctic Wildlife News Website has a link to a Detroit Free Pres article about the whole fiasco here. The press snipet below was initially swiped from Yahoo, but apparently the article now leads to nowhere.

Democrats: Smithsonian Hid Refuge Exhibit.
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By MATTHEW DALY, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Democratic senators criticized the Smithsonian Institution (news - web sites) Tuesday for moving a photo exhibit of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (news - web sites) to a basement hallway, calling it self-censorship.

The new location, between a loading dock and a freight elevator, is a high traffic area where workers moving large boxes and equipment occasionally block a clear view of the photos. At a hearing Tuesday, Democratic senators displayed photos of visitors peering over boxes to see the exhibit.

Just try to imagine the riot that would happen if there was a photo display of say fetuses at different stages of growth at the Smithsonian and a Pro Choice administration was in the White House. If it were moved while the administration was trying to put a bill forward guaranteeing women the right to an abortion, Pat Robertson, Anne Coulter and every pro-life fanatic would be screaming "liberals are hypocrites about the first amendment, freedom of expression, and artisitc... blah blah blah". You get the idea.

Here's Senator Stevens (R-Alaska) press release denying involvement. Yet another news item spotted on the always informative This Is Hell site.


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