Wednesday, July 23, 2003

"and one more soldier was killed....."

"and another soldier died today....."

"another US Service person died in an ambush....."

This is the way my morning seems to start every day, a sort of mobius strip of current events, making it unable for anyone to tell where is the beginning and where is the end. I keep asking myself “Is that the same story I heard this morning, or did another soldier lose his life since then?” & "When they say today, is it today here in the US, or today in Iraq?" Iraq has to be at least 7 hours ahead of us, right?

I listen to NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered while going to and from work, Monday thru Friday, but the confusion and sickness the news induces may force me to go looking for much lighter fare, at least at 7:20am. As sad as it sounds I can't tell if this is the same story over and over or a new one, unless the casualty is more than one. It's one big blur, our service people being picked off, a war of attrition. Did any of the Chickenhawks who rooted for this conflict and called peace protestors a bunch of commies and traitors ever consider this possible outcome for just one second?

After blowing off the opinions of most world leaders, the overwhelming majority of the free world, and not to mention a sizeable portion of the people who live here in this nation, Dubya & Co. are considering asking the international community for help in cleaning up the mess he’s made in Iraq. This means we will have to convince the UN, including a nation that took the brunt of the anger of the current Administration, and a lot of Americans as well, when the White House didn’t get it's way. Dubya’s got to talk to the “wine swilling, cheese eating, surrender monkey” French in order for this to happen. And keep in mind, this is the very same nation that was, and still is last time I heard, the target of a boycott, encouraged by the likes of Dubya lovers everywhere like Limbaugh, Coulter and every other fact-fudging, right-wing blowhole on the radio and TV. I’m sure France’s PM Jacques Chirac will be lining up with all the other world leaders to pull Dubya’s ass out of this one.

And apparently the French are desperately trying to keep their smugness from showing, publicly anyway. It’s because they felt they were in the right to oppose the war, based on what they were predicting, and current events are now proving them right. For as little technical war prowess the French posses and the extremely short list of victories in France’s favor, it was their belief that the actual war would be the easy part of the “Remove Saddam, Liberate Iraq, bring Democracy” equation; it was that tricky “after the war” scenario that concerned them most. How is it that a nation that did everything possible to keep this war from happening has a better handle on what a post Saddam Iraq would look like, than the nation that is actually there now, the nation with supposedly the best intelligence in the world? Personally I think we have the intelligence. It's just that it’s not being utilized by the guys in charge.

French advisors seemed to believe that the occupation following the war would be the victorious invading Army’s undoing. Maybe all those failures in Vietnam, Algeria and everywhere else the French held a colony taught the Frenchies a lesson? They say you learn way more from making mistakes than from success. The French certainly have a rather large reservoir of mistakes to draw lessons from.

While I'm glad those sick twisted malicious sons of Saddam are gone from this world. I would have much rather seen them face charges in an international court and spend the rest of their lives rotting away in a cell, but having them dead is ample consolation. What I don't get is the optimism that the news seemed to spread in Congress and Wall Street as well. I can't be the only one who believes that it's foolish for anyone to think that the killing of Saddam sons (and eventually Saddam himself) will stop the daily attacks on our service people. I haven't heard anyone mention this little tidbit - Isn’t there anyone else out there in agreement with me here?

After Saddam’s sons bit the dust, I heard John Warner (R-Virginia) talk about how this is a sign of how the "tide is turning". Hasn't it occurred to anyone that it's possible that neither Saddam nor his sons are behind the majority of these outbursts of resistance? Yeah, I know, there’s a recording of a guy believed to be and claming to be Saddam, taking credit for the attacks. Think about it for a second - this is the same guy that had that wacky Info Minister, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, talking about "turning back the infidels and winning the war" while there were US personnel inside one of Saddam’s Baghdad palaces, drinking his bottled water and hanging out on his couch. Of all the times to start believing what Saddam says, and you start now? It was consensus that Saddam was full of it no matter what he said, especially the claim of not to having WMD (yes he has lied plenty, I'm not questioning that). And yet after all this, the very same people in Congress who think this is a major step against the resistance and support the President unconditionally, have all just decided to start taking Saddam at his word when he tries to take the credit for all those picked off soldiers?!?!?!? Only one word comes to mind when I hear this;


Saddam’s two sons were cowering, hiding in a villa somewhere, trying to scrape by and yet somehow there are people in DC, elected officials with access to classified documents and national security issues I haven’t a clue on, and they think that these two vicious cowards are somehow responsible for the daily attacks? People leading a real resistance don't do that. As much as I dislike the conservative agenda and propaganda, I know some of you have brains. So would one of you start using them by pulling your head out of Dubya's ass and waking up to the fact Saddam and Ba’ath Party loyalists are probably running for cover, and religious zealots that were calling for jihad in Afghanistan are, at the very least, encouraging this behavior and, at the very worst, the ones carrying out these daily tragedies?

It had been said previously that Uday and Qusay were never together for any significant length of time, for security reasons. And yet they were both found in the same villa with their tails between their legs. Put two and two together; they were not the leaders of a resistance, they were just a couple of masochistic playboys who had fallen from grace, doing their best to hold onto what little they had left.

For all the things that Saddam did do, he did have a stranglehold on the religious factions in his nation, and now that he is out of power those people, inside and out of the country, are free to do whatever they want; free to accept blood, sweat and munitions from Iran, and any other religious fundamentalist neighboring country or group, so they can drive out the "infidel" Americans; free to try to make Iraq over into the religious theocracy they have been dreaming of but unable to do so because of Saddam’s stranglehold on Iraq. The groups that dared to speak out against Saddam while he was in power were primarily religious in nature. Anyone with money and half a brain hightailed it out of there when they got the chance. Educated and relatively secular Iraqis opposed Saddam, but they were either not as outspoken about it during his reign, or they got the hell out and have less respect from the people they left behind. On the other hand the Mullahs and Clerics that spoke up against the Ba'athist regime are held with more esteem, political capital and clout in the eyes of the many who suffered at the hands of Saddam. Plenty of the Iraqis are happy to be rid of Saddam, but if something half as bad takes it’s place these same people will not sit quietly, and guess who will be in the receiving end of that anger? For all those who accused the anti-war crowd of not supporting the troops and hating this country, answer me this one; how does putting American men and women in harm’s way constitute support?

If you're cruising for something entertaining, here's a link for you - We Love the Iraqi Information Minister.

One more question - all those silly pro war blogs who posted that "Democracy for Iraq" logo on their sites.... Have you ever done anything for Democracy in Iraq besides putting a graphic on your blog and supporting the war? Really, who do you think you are fooling?


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