Thursday, July 17, 2003

Just want to let those who have linked me that I appreciate it very much. Much thanks to ArchPundit and Ultra-Deb for their recent links.

Deb - saw your most recent post and you're on fire! I can't blame you for feeling the way you do, but the anger and resentment you have will not make anything better. I myself frequently wonder if we're preaching to the choir or ranting in an echo chamber. As disgusted as I am with our government I dont want to see anyone to stick their head in an oven. I'd much rather make these people see the truth of what is really going on out there. It's like seeing a wall painted black and the supporters of the Pres just keep saying "No, it's really white!". Maybe some Sodium Pentathol (truth serum) would do the trick? I dunno.

As much as I detest this President and his staff I know people who I respect and like and even dare I say think of as intelligent who voted for our current Commander in Thief. The Dems have serious flaws and I feel I'm pretty aware of them, but many of the supporters of our dumbass Prez are just lovestruck and blind. Believe it or not many of these people are not completely beyond reason, although it seems a lot more difficult to get these people to concede the most basic of facts. But it should be noted that not all of them are as idiotic as say a Pat Robertson or Rush Limbaugh.

Your rant has inspired me - unfortunately I have no time to blog so I can put it in 1's and 0's!!!!!! Maybe this weekend I hope.

One last thing - while cruising the net I came across an image with a poster on the side of the highway that read "When Clinton lied no one died". Talk about hitting the nail right on the head. The best piece of advice my Dad ever gave me was the line that Life is all about Priorities. The priorities of the people who relentlessly blame Clinton to this day for everything wrong in this country and yet support this Pres are completely fucked up to see the truth in this comment. If anyone sees this image anywhere else please let me know where I can find it again.


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