Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Yet more observations that have occured to me while watching cable while in hotel rooms;

Saw a minute of some new Instant conservative TV show - I'm pretty sure it was MSNBC's Scarborough County, which is really just a replacement for lower than low Michale Savage. Savage's show was cancelled I believe after saying something that is politically unacceptable. He should listen to Limbaugh more often and learn how to be a racists without actually sounding like one.

Anyway, is seems like these shows spring up like weeds - just add dumbassses and TV execs and presto you have yourself another crappy talking head on vable tv news show. The saturation point thought has to show up some time, right? How many of these blowhards that say the same exact thing over and over again can they put on television?Is there an "Instant Conservative TV Show" Cakemix that used car salemen are selling to tv execs?

To sum it up, anyone can have their very own belligerant conservative talk show as well - All you have to do is have a show that does news stories about the following subjects;
-Why hollywood/celebrities sucks
-Why Jesse Jackson sucks
-Why Liberals are really commies

Unfucking believable, but it's true, and there is your formula - Somewhere in tv land the execs have a big wheel, like on Wheel of Fortune. It's got a aspot for the twelve or so subjects that every Con-TV show focuses on. It's practically a replica of Hannity and Colmes minus the Liberal, or the O'Reily factor - it's the same idiots trashing the same people every single goddamn day. Is it that people can't get enough of that shit? How many carbon copies of the same format can they air before people say "I'd love to have yet one more program to watch where they trash minorities, liberals, democrats and whatever conservative gripe of the week is, but my schedule is completely booked with The O'Reily Factor, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage on the radio" and whoever else I'm forgetting (you can fill in your favorite conservative here).

And as if you needed proof - more evidense that facts no longer matter in this country. Anne Coulter, that anorexic little conservative whore who just published her book Treason at least came clean on one thing - McCarthy is her hero. The Wisconsin Senator did plenty of damage in his tenure in DC, but didn't pay a fair price considering all the lives he ruined and all the damage he did. Based on the actions he took and the consequences he paid for those actions, he got off real easy. But if you think about it he got what he wanted, and Anne comes clean about the fact that so many conservatives have taken a page from his playbook. The bar is way lower for her cause she isn't an elected official making it easier for her to spread he message of bullshit.

This scathing article by Joe Conason takes her to task, but it makes me think - is anyone going to read it? Is he just preaching to the choir here? Joe Conason writes these scathing editorials and yet he gets little attention while the whore gets to go on Good Morning America. What is wrong with this picture?

No one is going to cover the obvious falsehoods that are all over her book and cited in the article. It might be nice if there was a liberal radio talk show host like say a bizarro world blowhard Limbaugh who could bang the drums and infuriate the masses when they repeat the same story over and over and over..... I still hear about all kinds of tiny mistakes, misquotes, mishaps, rumors, half truths, and outright lies about the times during the Clinton era. On the other hand the Bush administration cites a British report about an attempt by Iraq to purchase uranium from Niger that had been proven false more than 6 months ago and only now they're fessing up about it. They know, along with everyone else that in two weeks no one will hear about it again, because the right wing attack dogs will be too busy raking Hillary's book over the coals or dredging up something on Bill or bashing hollywood. I mean it's not like something really important is going on here - It's not like the President lied or is impeding progress on internal investigations about 9.11 or something, right?


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