Wednesday, August 13, 2003

The economy is really getting better? Get real.....

Acutally I'm not sure. I still doubt it. But it is conceivable that the economy will show some signs of short term life. What makes me scared is there is a chance that Bush has done just enough so that when Nov 2004 comes around the economy is positive enough to gets him re-elected.

Politicians are notoriously short sighted and don't think much about the future, at least the part of the future when they won't be in office and therefore be held responsible for whatever happened. When the real consequences of the tax cuts and terrible foreign policy finally do come around, Bush and Rove will be at very least finishing their last year or two in office if Dubya's re-elected. At worst they'll be long gone, and the new President forced to clean up their mess. He'll (or She'll) be blamed and whoever controls the WH will be out on their ass. I've said it before, I for one am glad that Dukakis lost in 1988. The problems in the early 90's were coming no matter who was in the White House.

If you think about it the economic problems we had back in 1991 they were not the fault of the elder Bush, but rather the saintly Reagan (and to be fair a deficit spending Dem congress). I'm not saying I feel bad for Bush Sr; he was after all the VP, not to mention the fact that he was guilty of quite a bit of underhanded foreign policy charades while in office. It's just that he lost the election not because of all the underhanded dirty stuff he did while he was head of the CIA and VP. It was domestic issues that sent him packing.

Still I think history has been misjudged; Bush Sr. is seen as weak and unprinicpled, while Reagan's reputation is completely untarnished, which is a real joke. The GOP has not been just in it's assesment of the Reagan era. Hey, when you're on top and everyone loves you who cares right? Win one for the Gipper, and make every prospective GOP Presidential hopefull jump thru the Reagan hoop for all enternity.

Between Iran Contra, the Drug War, South America and anything else I forgot to mention, if I were partly responsible for all the dirty shenanigans that went on during the Reagan era, I'd probably want to get Alzheimers just so I could forget what a scumbag I was.


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