Monday, August 18, 2003

For the past 6 months or so I've taken the habit of calling myself a Default Democrat. I've been using the DD term in hopes in would catch on and I could take credit for it, but I have yet to hear anyone else use it just yet.

If you're wondering what it means, it's not a big mystery, the name says it all. Politically I'm pretty much a liberal at heart, although one who is aware of some of the shortcomings of liberal idealogy. And while I believe in the ideals that the Democratic party is supposed to believe in, the actual members of the Democratic party by and large disgusted - yeah that's the word - disgusted in the way they have handled things as of late.

And while I have no scientifc survey as proof just about everyone I know that comes from a similar politcal cloth (all my friends, the few people at work who aren't conservatives) will say the same thing when asked - "I believe in the ideals of the party, I just don't like the people who are leading tha party". The reason we all find ourselves voting Democrat is none of us can bring ourselves to vote for Republicans.

While having a political conversation one of my friend Key, when I confessed that I'd probably vote for John McCain if I lived in AZ, if only because of his personal integrity. While Key said he liked him, he coudn't acutally vote for him because he didn't think he could ever vote for a Republican under almost any circumstances. Being the open minded liberal that I was I felt ist would be worth forgoeing certain stances on issues and in return getting intergity and conviction of his beliefs. What followed out with one of the funniest lines I've heard in recent memeory;

Friend: The only way I could vote for a Republican is if the Democrat in the same elections was convicted on charges of sexual molestation of a minor or something like that.

PH: What about murder? You'd vote for a GOP candidate if the Dem was convicted of murder, wouldn't you?

Friend: No, murder can be justified. There's no excuse for sexual molestation, but with murder there's always self defense.

And so here I am, disgusted by the chance of another 4 years of the GOP dominating the White House. It is a most uncomfortable place to be in. Despitethe near unanimous total and utter disgust with our current President and a GOP led House and Senate, I don't see any end in sight. I mean this Presdent should be in fear of not being re-elected; the economy is a mess, the national deficit is ballooning out of control, our troops are being picked off at a rate of three or four a week, we've been lied to about the justification of war, we're cutting benefits for our soldiers, our infrastructure is crumbling, we just gave billions of tax dollars back to the rich and yet I sill have yet to feel confident in any Democratic contender. I know there are some who feel very strongly in Dean, but I can't get on the bandwagon just yet.

There is only one person at work who can be considered a liberal, and we have a long conversation about politics as well. While we differ on certain issues, ne thing is certain; we're all feeling low. The conservatives are in fact winning, or really have been winning for quite some time now. There is no doubt that the 2000 Presidential race was rigged based on what Greg Palast has written about it. If you were to take that victory as actual rather than theoretical, Democrats would have had a statistical majority in the senate, being the VP would be the tiebreaker, but the House would still belong to the GOP. Maybe that isn't a sign of total defeat for Dems, but I still feel something is missing.

I've been listening to Shawn Hannity on my way home during the weekday, and it is not encouraging. I listen to hear what is being said out there in GOP radio land (know thine enemy) but it isn't easy. I realize that this is not everyone in America, but it is far too many if their ratings are any indication. I know if I give up, but I can't help but feel very depressed to think that so many people take what Shawn and Rush and every other goddamn conservative's word is as fact. On the day of the blackout Foz News was having an on air debate about why it happened and they basically had a GOP strategist and some "expert" saying this is the fault of environmentalists. This would hve the tiniest bit of creedence except that the East Coast power plants were runningon 75% capacity. Another words it had nothing to do with banning the building of coal power plants. 100% bullshit. I dont have cable but someone anyone should have called them on their shit. If someone did I didn't hear about it. Palast already wrote an article as to why this thing is going to happene a lot more in the future.

I guess what I'm saying is "Does anyone feel like this is hopeless?" Bush should be taking a beating right now, but the Democrats have no balls whatsoever. The supposed "liberal" press has essentially given him a free pass, because they've hardly called him on the bullshit he has pulled, while Clinton couldn't do a thing right even if it were to scratch his nose. It is all very disheartening.

(this post is in process, it's not really a complete thought or finalized - I may add to it or put it in another post elsewhere. But please, if you have a comment post them, I'm trying to see if I'm alone here.)


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