Thursday, August 28, 2003

So Attorney General Ass-christ has decided that, of all the terrible shit that is going on in the world, the single greatest threat to America is Lizzie Borden and the smut she peddles.

It was a weird day yesterday. Yet another gun managed to find it's way into the hands of someone who shouldn't have one. 6 innocent people die before the gunman was shot by the cops.

Thru all of this I am only sure of one thing - NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE, at least in regards to gun laws. GA Ass-christ's priorities are so fucked up that weapons of individual destruction are of no real concern, while people having sex on tape is the threat so great to this nation that we need to expend all our efforts to fight it. The NRA has a chokehold on DC, and there is no way that there will be legislation to stop from what happened yesterday. Who has to die before someone says "maybe this is a right that America is not mature enough or sane enough to handle?".

We spend a pittance on education in the places that truly need it but we are perfectly happy to spend $20,000 on inmates who could have and would have benefited from that education. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Jail isn't even a cure, it's a temporary holding place; it's practically a quarantine.

For all the criticism of Bowling for Columbine that was handed down, so many of those very same people missed the point completely. They decided they hate Michael Moore and anything he does, and never answered the question that the movie asked.

"The United States has similar gun laws compared to Europe and Canada; Why is it that those nations don't have nearly the same problem with gun violence that we have here in the US? What is the difference between places like Canada, Britain versus the US that is responsible for all the gun violence?". I lean towards the fact that we have a shitty safety net in this country, we lack universal medical coverage, we've abandoned our inner cities. Of course I have no study or fact to back it up. It's only a theory. But it isn't a totally ridiculous conclusion.

And to top it all off the thing that capitalism does so well, produce the highest quality goods for the least amount of money, means there is an overflowing abundance of firearms. They've become practically a tool for therapy for all those who have no outlet. I have no idea what Tapalia's story is, but a little bit of anger management or something else might have prevented this. Say what you want about his lazy work ethic and tardiness, for all the rhetoric about hard work and self sufficiency as government policy an awful lot suffer for it.

Much hay is made by the NRA that they believe that the government should enforce the laws already on the books. What they won't tell you is they fight any spending to enforce the laws already on the books. And those 6 that died yesterday will have died in vain because some ex-con had little impeding him from gaining access to a firearm.

And the amazing thing is the Attorney General has violated just about every amendment in the bill of rights with the exception of the 2nd. Freedom of Speech, fughedaboudit. Cruel and unusual punishment? Long gone. What the fuck are those in charge thinking if they feel prosecuting people having sex on camera takes precedent over mass murder?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I guess the people in charge are thinking the same thing when they took the White House after losing the popular vote. Who am I kinding, these people don't give a fuck about anything but themselves and their corporate pimps.


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