Monday, August 11, 2003

While trying to clean my apartment this weekend I started perusing thru an older issue of The Reader, Chicago's weekly arts/alternative newspaper, in fear that I'd miss something important if I tossed it out without checking it out first. I am really glad I took the time to do just that.

One of my favorite parts of The Reader is a section called The City File by Harold Henderson. It's a weekly segment featuring all kinds of weird, wacky and sometimes disturbing news bites. Unfortunately The Reader does not post their articles online, so I can't link you to the site. However this one was so jaw-droppingly significant I took the time to copy it verbatim.

While this isn't necessarily old news, I can swear I thought I heard this before somewhere. Maybe it's deja vu? Maybe it's just the lefty wacko at the radio station that recounted it to me while on one of his political diatribes. Even so, it still feels like a big flaming arrow right between the eyes when it's referenced like this in print. Enjoy it.... or be outraged, whatever does it for you;

From the Reader City File from sometime in July;
Maybe this will help you remember what the American Enterprise Institute is all about; Michael Ledeen, holder of the Freedom Chair at AEI quoted in Sam Smith's Undernews Extra (May 5) "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business."

And just in case you doubt this, because quite frankly I had to do a net search just to prove to myself that this wasn't some left wing nut conjuring false evidence so they can justify to themselves and everyone else what they already believe, here's yet more proof. You can thank Jonah Goldberg, the crackpot editor for The National Review for committing this idea to print so no one can disavow it later.

This is from an online Goldberg entry found in the National Review Online from April, before the war;
So how does all this, or the humble attempt at a history lesson of my last column, justify tearing down the Baghdad regime? Well, I've long been an admirer of, if not a full-fledged subscriber to, what I call the "Ledeen Doctrine." I'm not sure my friend Michael Ledeen will thank me for ascribing authorship to him and he may have only been semi-serious when he crafted it, but here is the bedrock tenet of the Ledeen Doctrine in more or less his own words: "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business." That's at least how I remember Michael phrasing it at a speech at the American Enterprise Institute about a decade ago (Ledeen is one of the most entertaining public speakers I've ever heard, by the way).

While I read this I could not help but think about all those on the left that said something that ruffled the feathers of those on the right. Last time I checked Susan Sontag, Bill Maher, and a host of other liberals were, at bare minimum, publicly torched after they opened their mouth for saying a number of things that were deemed "Un-American". I can't help but think of that guy from Texas, the newspaper editorialist who lost his job when he accused the President of (a)running in fear during that horrific day in September and then (b) trying to cover it up as if Al Qaeda had some sort of secret code for Air Force One. All in all, I remember agreeing with some of the sentiments and disagreeing others, but honestly I can't tell you exactly who said what during that hellacious and chaotic period of time. What I do remember was the anger and resentment I had for how some of those people were treated when some of those aforementioned individuals when they exercised their freedom of speech. No, the government didn't shut them up, but the manner in which so many were driven out of the public forum was extremely aggravating.

Susan Sontag was, as I recall (though I could be wrong) relieved of her duties as a columnist for some publication. She now wields her enormous influence over the American public by giving a couple of speeches, usually to college students at their graduation. Bill Maher lost his weekday nightly network show. Yeah, he has gotten a new one but now it's on cable, once a week. I have no idea what happened to that editorialist.

And while what he said wasn't right after 9.11, that wacky Professor from Columbia University, Nicholas De Genova also comes to mind. If you recall he was excoriated in the press for what really was an incredibly despicable comment. What I could not understand was why that guy deserved any news coverage anywhere. No one knew who that guy was until his little speech at the anti-war rally. It's not like he was the featured speaker. Hell their was a public gasp from the crowd after he said what he said.

To my knowledge he still teaches there. The Professor wasn't in the public forum before, and no one had even heard of the guy until Fox News brought it up during their Sunday news show. I guess they needed a liberal as a punching bag for all the conservatives to go thru their weekly ritual. They and many others were in essence excommunicated from the public forum.

And yet, on the other hand, let’s take a good look at a couple of righties and the consequences they have paid for their outrageous statements;

Mr Ledeen said something that is stunning in it’s brutality, not to mention cowardly, since he works behind a desk while a bunch of grunts from the lower classes of this country carry out is doctrine while being told they are fighting for freedom. How is he being punished? Why by writing for the NRO, and holding monthly meetings with Machiavellian Presidential advisor Karl Rove. He might still have his chair at the American Enterprise Union, but I don’t know for sure. As a matter of fact I haven’t heard one word of public outcry over this.

Anne Coulter called for the conquering and converting of the Arab world at large. She subsequently lost her job at the National Review. I'd say to those creeps at the N.R. "Way to take a stand!" except for the fact that Editor Jonah Goldberg later explained that Coulter wasn't fired for her over-the-top warmongering but rather because "She behaved with a total lack of professionalism, friendship, and loyalty." Anne now endures her public humiliation by collecting royalty checks from the two best selling books she wrote afterwards, including her most recent one, which hails Senator McCarthy as her patron Saint. And oh yeah, I almost forgot she joined the Vice President on stage at a going away party for our troops off to 'liberate' the Iraqi people.

Another NRO weasel Rich Lowry called for the nuking of Mecca. He's still got his job last time I heard. At least Mr. Lowry understands the line that the NR has; if you threaten to conquer and convert you're out, but threaten nuclear Armageddon, well just say your sorry and let bygones be bygones.

You decide who's a greater threat to this country - perennial college graduation speaker Susan Sontag or "bomb the shit out of some little country while my ass is behind a desk managing my 401K online" Michael Ledeen? How the fuck does some two bit no name professor get a weeks worth of press, while this asshole Ledeen is having tea with the guy that gives the orders to the fucking President!!!!!!!

This must be hell, because I have no other explanation.


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