Thursday, August 07, 2003

You know, after seeing this posted I hope the silly idea known as the National Missle Defense Sheild will die. I mean for god sakes the Pentagon says it aint gonna work. And then I remember that the Pentagon had evidence disputing that Iraq had WMD but the President ignored it. The Pentagon had disputed the supposed connection between Saddam and Osama and 9.11 (even after Osama called Saddam an infidel) but this has not stopped the White House from repeatedly propagating that they are in cahoots. The Pentagon disputed the Yellow Cake Uranium / Niger sale to Iraq but The White House continues to claim that even though everyone knows the report was fake that accusation is still true.

This gets me thinking - Mr. President, considering we have a budget shortfall in the hundreds of billions and your party loves to cut spending, I got an idea; Just cut out the Intelligence part of the Pentagon! I mean, it's not like you're using all that work they are doing anyway, am I right?

Shooting Down Missile Defense - Even the Pentagon admits the program is in trouble.
By Fred Kaplan. Posted Thursday, August 7, 2003, at 12:53 PM PT

If the generals in charge of the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency followed the wispiest trail of logic, they would have slashed the program and moved on to more promising pursuits long ago. This month brings yet another bit of news (for earlier bits, click here and here) indicating not only that the program has scant chance of producing a workable missile-defense system, but that its managers know of its dim prospects.

The latest flash, from the Aug. 1 edition of the trade journal Defense News, is that the agency has suspended one of the program's most crucial components on the grounds that the technology it involves is "not mature enough" to fund.


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