Thursday, September 11, 2003

Lately I've been having a thought that while not outright disturbing, I can't help but shake my head when ever it pops into my thoughts. And after talking to a couple of fellow Default Dems, I know I'm not the only one who it has occurred to.

I've made mention of it many a time on this blog that Karl Rove and Bush have both said publicly that they hope to re-establish the GOP dominance that they first had back in 1894. That dominance went on for more than 30 years. And oh yeah, every time I've cited that very situation I always feel the need to remind people what happened after those 35 years of GOP rule in DC (You know, the Rate-Gay Epression-Day).

So as I pound this post out very late at night (or early morn) we have a GOP majority in both houses of congress, a Republican (in name only really) in the White House, a deficit that grows larger by the second with no end in site, a catastrophe in the making in Iraq, another that so many have forgotten about in Afghanistan. And while economic cycles are inevitable (a fact everyone as seemed to have forgotten) I have a bad feeling that this downturn will not end anytime soon.

The economic policies of this administration make me think of that tale of the starving snake that starts eating it's own tail. While I doubt it, there is the outside chance of some short term gains in the economy, which Dubya will credit himself because of most recent tax cut. It might be just enough to ensure Dubya getting re-elected in 2004. The idea has already been forwarded that deficit spending saps money away from the marketplace and investment, storing it in US Bonds. With the deficit going in the direction that it is I can't see any real growth in jobs and the economy.

It was only in 1994 that the GOP swept into Congress on the promise to balance the budget, calling the Democrats totally fiscally irresponsible with the handling of the deficits we were running. And now blowhard like Rick Santorum are doing the exact same thing that swore to put an end to when they were criticized the Dems they vowed to replace.

Anyone with half a brain (as in anyone but our president) would know that when your in debt there is only so much someone will lend to you before they cut you off. The bank will not keep lending you money, they eventually say no. I just wonder if that day will come when someone else is cleaning up the mess Dubya created.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I feel something bad is coming down the road, and while I'm not sure what that something is, I feel it will be truly ugly if we continue to go forward with the ass backwards policies of this administration. And without sounding like one of those doom and gloom the end is near liberals, I have an inkling that it may be too late to avoid that fate.

During the stock market bubble of the late 90's while listening to NPR report about companies that weren't turning a profit and yet their stock values were soaring a little voice in the back of my head said something was amiss and that it had to end ugly eventually. Unfortunately I never paid attention to this voice, and so the small amount of stock I own now is worth less than half of what I bought it for.

I keep getting that same feeling watching this President; something is amiss and this can't go on forever. Unfortunately I feel powerless to stop it. Do I move to Canada? The UK? I doubt anything as bad as another Great Depression, but it's not so far fetched to think it can't happen again. A coworker of mine floated the idea of the US defaulting on all that debt and what would happen to our economy if we did. Even I have trouble believing this could happen, but if we keep spending like we have it, who knows?

Well, the thought I keep having is "Maybe we as a nation are better in the long run to have the completely fucked up policies of the current crop of representatives that call themselves Republican stay in power?"

I couldn't vote for this President if you paid me, but I fear that there is one thing that is actually worse than Dubya getting re-elected, and that would be we elect a Democrat in 2004 and then all those problems Bush created in during his tenure finally rears it's ugly head during the next President's Administration. That President gets booted from office, and because of the two party system and binary logic some free market conservative or right wing religious nut gets elected, instituting more shitty trickle down economic policies making things even worse. Maybe we need a real catastrophe to happen for people to get the message?

It's more that when something really bad finally does happen, whatever that something is, the American people are going to blame whoever is in office, be it Dem or GOP, whether their policies are at fault or not. If Dubya gets re-elected and the GOP maintain their hold on the White House and Congress and then that fateful day comes, the American Public will have one party to hold completely and totally accountable for the mess that they have made, not someone else be the fall guy.

I don't know all that much about Gray Davis, and I can't say I'm fond of him, BUT if you take a look at the mess he is in right now, bad enough that some rich guy could get enough signatures to get a recall most of his current crop of problems are not his making. The energy crisis he's in is clearly the fault of former Gov Pete Wilson, not to mention those who tried to fix the energy market so they could soak Californians (Bush contributors). The downturn and the budget shortfall had to come, it's just far more severe in a place like a state such as California, the 5th or 6th largest economy in the world.

Now maybe if someone with an idea on how you run a government properly was elected between now and the 2004, and that person is able to steer us in the right direction and avert whatever lies in the future of the political landscape, I'd feel better about things. But somehow I have yet to see that person. Although I do like some of them (Dean, Kerry) to some degree, I can't get excited about any of the candidates.

This doesn't happen often and I hate the thought, but every time I hear more bad news I have to wonder. Someone please tell me I'm crazy to actually hope that Bush and the GOP remain in office just so his head will be in the guillotine when the blade falls, and not some unsuspecting Democrat President who will be in office for an insufficient amount of time to right the ship before it crashes. When the impending storm finally makes land fall and the electorate of this country start slitting throats and slicing head off, they are not going to bother with whose policies are responsible for what mess. No, they'll just look at which seat you're occupy and what your job is just before they drag you to the guillotine.

[Note - Since I started writing this, news has been leaked that General Wesley Clark is gonna run. I'm not sure what his stances are on certain issues but I can say that he has in fact got me a bit enthusiastic (dare I say even positive which is saying something for me) based on the interviews I've seen with him. A General who was against the war versus an administration made up of legion of warmongering Chickenhawks? For Wesley’s sake I just hope its not too late.]


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