Wednesday, February 04, 2004

So I read William Safire's most recent editorial (The View From Purgatory, Published: February 4, 2004 in the NYT), a fictional interview with Richard Nixon in purgatory;

Q: Will the dominant issue in the campaign be jobs or Iraq or health care?

Richard Nixon: You forget the Quemoy-Matsu syndrome. What decides a close race is how candidates react to an October surprise. What if bin Laden is caught, or "Dr. Germs" spills the beans about Iraqi anthrax, or our casualties continue? What about a White House scandal, or some revelation about a candidate's liberalism, or an accident or a heart attack? What if the market falls out of bed or there's a terrorist attack or the Chinese move on Quemoy and Matsu?

Q: Yes — what if?

RN: Most crises help incumbents.

A friend of mine who lives in Germany remarked how PM Schroeder managed to get re-elected, even though his popularity was at an all time low earlier that year. His oppostion to the Iraq invasion boosted his stock, but the proverbial straw that made the difference was his handling of a natural disaster right before the election. Apparently he did a bang up job in providing leadership when Germany had the worst flood it had seen in decades. After thinking of that and reading this article a thought occured - Is there anyone out there that doesn't think that some kind of crisis could be engineered by Rove'-y boy to make the Commander in Thief look good? Or better yet, do the Mayberry Michiavellis know exactly where Osama is hiding, but intent to hold off in busting his ass until about 2 weeks before the election?

And I am really turing into one cynical bastard, aren't I?

Again, I've been terribly negligent with the BMA. Plenty of thoughts but not enough time to blog about them. Some new links that I should have put up weeks ago, regarding fellow OSP posters;

The American Leftist - a BMA linker and Kuchinich supporter... I think. This is in the link section as well.


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