Thursday, April 15, 2004

"Al, I'm listening to you debate taxes with conservatives, and I'm about to explode. If you want to win this argument you have got to be a little smarter about how you debate this...."

Posted by datorres at 04.15.2004 01.27 PM (on the Air America Radio O'Franken Factor Show)

I totally agree with datorres's statement, your dittohead friend did a better job on the debate AND I agree with datorres' subsequent arguments BUT as much as I wholeheartedly support your ideas, I'd like to put forward an argument or idea that I haven't heard from libs that might be more effective.

Every time a conservative starts whining about taxes and their money I'd really like to start hearing liberals respond with this one;

"If it's really my money (or your, or anyone elses for that matter), then why is it a federal offense to destroy a dollar?"

If money was truly the same as property, then you would be able to destroy it just like your stereo system, or your car, or your house (ignoring local zoning laws) without fear of federal penalty.

This short quandry may seem a bit strange, but if you really think about it you should come to some very different and hopefully interesting ideas about the way most people conceive (or misconceive) about money.

That and I don't feel like writing a ten page paper on the fact that money is essentially a piece of paper that is worthless without the institution of the government behind it, which is in turn built on the foundation of revenue, i.e. tax dollars. But I've said too much already, just think about it.


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