Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I can only listen online to Air America Radio since we lost our affiliate in Chicago. I've been listening to Al's show pretty faithfully at my desk, and I would have to say that the segment where he has his friend the dittohead Mark come on has been the most eye opening and enlighting, as well as infuriating.

You know what pissed me off more than anything regarding the prisoner abuse? The excuses from somebody by a Limbaugh (and Mancow, and....), about it was merely a "skull and bone prank", a fraternity initiation . This is regarding the photo of the prisoners stacked in a pyramid. It doesn't even address the deaths, the sodomy, and what not.

Conservatives always talk about absolute truth and difference between good and evil. And yet something like happens and we got moral relativism that only the GOP can serve up.

And the amazing thing is the people who served (including those on the right) are angry, while the bastards that found a way out of their military service responsibility are laughing about it and making excuses. McCain was an actual Prisoner of War and understandably he was pissed. He should be - if we treat these people this way then what right do we have to be angry when they mistreat our POWs?

What incentive does a blowhard like Rush have to want to see POWs treated fairly when this asshole will never see military service because of a "cyst". Fucking bastards, all of them.

Is pride the same as self righteousness, at least regarding the seven deadly sins? Because there is nothing worse than self righteousness, for it enables all the other sins without a single episode of self questioning or self probing....


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