Thursday, May 13, 2004

In the latest episode of Attack of the Flat Earth Conservatives...

Back in September Willima Kristol and Robert Kagan were saying that Rummy had not allotted enough troops for this war. A few weeks ago these same bozos were suggesting Bush dump Rummy in the April 26 issue of The Weekly Standard;

The shortage of troops in Iraq is the product of a string of bad calculations and a hefty dose of wishful thinking.... If his current secretary of defense cannot make the adjustments that are necessary, the president should find one who will.

Now literally less than 2 weeks later, after the torture scandal that could be very much the result of not enough troops, and the very same guys do a 180 to defend Rummy. I say flat earth because, for these guys, and the math equation they are using, the answer is always the same no matter what the variables are (liberals are always wrong). Just like the Flat Earth Society no matter what the facts are when they stare you in the face the belief they hold remains unchanged. Granted the Flat Earthers are more consistent, but still...

And then the response is "well, were better than Saddam..." You complete and myopic fools. Yes, we are better, but the goal is not to be a little better than the other guy. We are the good guys! We don't stoop to their level, or if we do we don't make excuses for it.

Conservative rightly question just how screwed up thing are over in the White House, until a liberal says something and then the response is "you're being political!" or "troops are in the field you traitor", although usually it is far nastier sounding than that. Felber said it best. Face it, Rummy put together a poorly planned pre-emptive war. No one at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue was prepared to do truly do and really commit to what it would take to engage in a conflict like this. Everyone in the war college knew it. The Chiefs of Staff knew it. However everyone in the White House was optimistic.

There is that word again. Optimism. I am afraid the dictionary that Shrub has been using has a typo. Odds are that word has been switched with something else. I'm betting that word is delusional.

Maybe if Liberals start telling Conservatives that they think everything that Bush and appointed staff does is fantastic, maybe then some of them will wake up to the mess that has been made.

Can we just outsourced the whole damn war out to India? I'm just asking...


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