Wednesday, September 01, 2004

More Signs the End is Near for Dubya

This line actually came out of Dick Cheney's mouth during his speech at the GOP Convention;

"Our Nation has the best health care in the world, and President Bush is making it more affordable and more accessible to all Americans"

It has been my beleif that much of the administration has been in an alternate universe. I have held the idea that someone in the White House has confused the word optimism with delusion. You could not find more perfect example in this statement. Despite news stories, anecdotal evidence and that most sworn enemy of the Bush administration, FACTS, this administration wants to propagate complete bullshit.

There are issues that are debatable. The effectiveness this President has been in war on terror (terrorist recruitment is up) No Child Left Behind (not adequately funded) the environment (do we really need to discuss this one?). While there is a gap in perception of what is really happening, and a lack of a real examination debate about this subject, at least each side can make a case. I still think you're wrong if your conclusion is that W is the man to lead this nation, but at least we can discuss things.

And then there are issues that are undebatable. The fact that health care costs have gone way up is undebatable. Health Care costs have gone up 50% last time I checked. So how the hell can the VP say this, and how the hell can the press let the GOP get away with it? Please, tell me what the hell are they smoking at the RNC?

Cheney could have blamed the rising costs of Health Care on lawyers. While it is deceptive, at least it could have been debated. If you did the research you would know that you are wrong and that the current mess has more to do with the lack of insurance regulation. But for god sakes, the one thing you can't debate is the affordability of health insurance.

Nearly 45 million people lacked health insurance, or 15.6 percent of the population. That was up from 43.5 million in 2002, or 15.2 percent, but was a smaller increase than in the two previous years."

"Some employers are requiring workers to pay 10% to 30% more toward monthly premiums, raising deductibles and setting higher co-payments for office visits, hospital care and drugs. Hewitt Associates estimates that the amount employees will pay in premiums and other costs next year will rise by an average of $342, to $1,753."

"The number of Americans with employer-paid health coverage fell dramatically from 2001 to 2003, with about 9 million people losing coverage, according to a national study released Aug. 2."

I find it hysterical that the Dems spent a great amount of time not to trash Bush the whole time. Sharpton took them to task, Carter was not light, but overall most people were reserved and diplomatic. The past 3 days have been nothing but a Kerry bash fest. I don't know if the negativity will make Kerry more sympathetic and expose the fact that Bush is running on virtually no accomplishments, or the negativity will triumph once again. I guess the polls will determine that.

Either way, the fact that the current supporters live in a mental gated community, completely walled off from reality is the absolute truth. Welcome to Bush Country, better known as the United States of Delusion.